Saturday, November 26, 2011


I woke up this morning next to the man I love (that would be my husband in case anyone is wondering) and couldn't help but be overwhelmed by the blessings that are a part of my life.

To start out with, have I mentioned how much I just love my in-laws?  Well it's true.  This Thanksgiving was held at our house.  Usually we are at either my parents or David's parents, but it was a little different this year.  We hosted it at our house and invited my in-laws and my parents.  Ten adults were in our not so large house and the Thanksgiving feast fell to me.

I admit, at first I was a bit nervous but as assignments were made and the cooking was well underway I only semi fell apart a couple of times.  Once was with the pies.  Banana cream to be exact.  First round (fortunately made on Wednesday), the crust decided to not cooperate and balloon up behind my back.  Couldn't fill them if I wanted to.  After a terse round of choice words, I sent my sister to the store to buy some frozen crusts.  They baked up wonderfully so I made the filling.  That wonderful home made banana cream pie filling which I have made several times before and has always turned out so very tasty and perfect and wonderful and this time decided not to set up... not even a little.  We had banana cream soup.  Tasty banana cream soup, but soup nonetheless.

Second almost tragedy was the yams.  When doing a large amount of yams in the crock pot it is best to start them cooking several days before.  Okay. Slight exaggeration.  However, when the turkey was done and we were getting the last of the food all prepared, the yams were as hard as ever.  Thanks to the genius of people who can think with a more level head than my pregnant self right now, into the microwave they went and turned out beautifully!

So, dinner was on the table a full 15 minutes before we had planned and it went beautifully!  And my mother's mashed potatoes were so creamy. We all talked and laughed and laughed and talked and just enjoyed the day.  And then my wonderful wonderful father-in-law did the best thing ever!  He did the dishes!  I mean it! How cool is that!  The rest of the evening was spend playing games and laughing and talking, eating pie and enjoying each other's company.  I was thrilled.  Thrilled to have everyone there, thankful to hear people talking, and just overjoyed that my parents enjoyed it as much as everyone else seemed to.

Friday brought on a breakfast of Dutch pancakes and bacon and then a loading of the car as people traveled back home.  David, Abby (my sister who is living with us now) and I then pretended to clean things up but really didn't.  Sat in our pajamas, watched three movies, played board games, ate leftovers and stayed in pajamas the entire day! The most glorious Black Friday ever.

So today I am here.  Overwhelmed a bit with thankfulness for all the wonderful people in my life.  For my family on both sides.  Both sides of which I just absolutely love.  Words almost cannot express how much.  Thankful for my home, for our neighbors, our ward family, our friends.  Thankful for the incredible women of book club and the joy and laughter they bring to my life.  Thankful for my friends at work and the support they are to me.  Thankful for the bestest husband ever who makes me laugh and understands me when I go crazy.  Who loves me.  Thankful for the little guy that will be a part of our lives even more in February.  Thankful for doctors who know what they are doing.  Thankful for God.  For his blessings, his tender mercies, his hand in all parts of our lives.

Today we will decorate for Christmas.  Get a tree, put up lights, and start making our own magic of the season.  That magic that comes because of this special time of year.  When we think of others and how we can give to them.  When it is a little easier to follow the teachings of Christ and put the needs of others before our own.  To celebrate his birth and the miracle of his life. He is the reason for the season.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ok, I'm back...

... literally.

This happened a few weeks ago, but it really does need to be blogged about.  So I hopped in my car to go to work and noticed that with the cooling of the weather my tires really needed a boost of air.  So I stopped at the Chevron because they let you use their air pump for free.  I was dressed in a sweater and scarf and gloves as I bent down to check the tire pressure and fill them up accordingly.  It was at this moment that I realized that bending down for long periods of time are not fun in my current pregnant state.  In fact, I was unable to really bend and ended up squatting, all legs out and butt bigger than life type of squat.  And still I struggled.  One of the hoses didn't work so I had to change in the middle and over all the quick stop to fill up the tires ended up taking a ridiculous amount of time.  I wasn't worried though cause there weren't many people around.... at least I thought.  It was after I got up from the last tire all red faced and big butt squatted out that I noticed the car to my right.  The one that hadn't moved for a while.  The one that had a male driver in it patiently waiting for his turn at the air pump.  The one that witnessed my whole show of big butt squattedness.  I couldn't even pretend that there was any kind of view to admire.  There was no delicate super-model bending over.  Just large and in charge.

Two thoughts:  "Oi" and "Dude, what kind of a person are you to watch a pregnant woman struggle while you sit in your car!"  Chivalry just might be dead my  friends.