Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Don't worry, I can blackmail myself, Part 2

So, my eyes are so tired that they are dry and it feels like they could pop out of my head any minute now! Tragedy is that it is only 9:00! When did I get so old?!?

I've been sitting here for awhile contemplating on what to post. I'm sure somewhere in the madness that is my mind there is something waiting to be said... needing to be written down for all the blog-reading world to see. Something humiliating and painful and buried deep down that is begging to be heard. But what! What little snippet of information could flow so well from these fingers of mine and be released on the unsuspecting world. Hmmm...

I've got it! As the packing and unpacking went on, I found a priceless treasure trove of sure to be embarrassing material. My junior-high school/high school journal. Looking over this journal, I am surprised to see on paper just how boy-crazy I was and how often my boy-craziness was the direct result of imaginary relationships. For example:

August 29, 1990 (I was 14... oh my)
Today turned out to be the best day of my whole entire life!! (the exclamation points were accentuated with hearts) I went swimming at Riverdale. Nobody there was my age. But low and behold ______ ______ was THERE!! I didn't even get to talk to him but ____ _____ did. He likes me. I mean really likes me. He even wanted to ask me to go down the slide with him!!! I thought he liked ______ but he doesn't. He was gonna ask me but his mom told him he had to go. I wish he had asked me sooner. Just to imagine what it would be like sends my heart POUNDING!! I'M IN LOVE!!

No one's got better dirt on me than I do. Think you know who belongs in the blanks??? Try your best guess... especially Ginny. (one of those Summer loving type things)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Beginnings and Endings.

Beginning to feel like this new home is actually a home instead of a temporary place to keep our stuff.

Ending of a chapter of my life.

Beginning of a new chapter with an uncertain future.

Ending of my calling as Primary pianist

Beginning of a new calling as Primary teacher... hmmm.

Ending of Winter, hopefully

Beginning of Spring and green and buds on trees

Beginning of allergy season

Ending of my cute haircut, it's sooo time for another one.

Ending of an old week with slight disappointments.

Beginning of a new week with possibilities.

Ending of a book that I'm not so sure I liked

Beginning to think about things more seriously, particularly gospel things

Ending of my rope?? or

Beginning with new hope...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Random

This blog was inspired by Tawnya who's Friday randomness makes all of this okay.

1. I came home and actually hung pictures on the wall today. This could turn out alright just yet.

2. I found a hole in the linen pants that I wore to work today and I'm very very sad. I love those pants!

3. Breakfast is my favorite meal for anytime of the day. I have had three today. Yogurt and a banana for breakfast, a breakfast skillet from the Hub for lunch, and cereal for dinner.

4. I would love more than anything in the world to be able to write a book... Seriously don't know where to start. Would I end up hating it if I did?

5. I love the fact that when I get out of work late it is still light outside!

6. I also love love love that I have large windows in this new place. It's so nice to open everything up and let the sun shine in.

7. I have one more box with DVD's in it to put on the shelf and I just can't bring myself to do it.

8. Does it seem weird to anyone else to be knitting when the weather gets warmer? I feel like I'm breaking some kind of seasonal law. Thou shalt not make warm things when Spring is around the corner.

9. Today I felt a little bit like this picture, which totally cracks me up. It is a restaurant in Zihuatenjo, just by Ixtapa. The Fat Mermaid.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Beaches and Seafood and Jellyfish, oh my.

Well, I suppose it's about time that I posted about what is happening in life. As some of you know, David and I just got back from a much needed vacation to Ixtapa, Mexico. Warm, sunny, sandy beaches, great food, great sleep, and an overall great time. I hesitate to give you all a travel-log because let's face it, you don't really care. So I will post a few pics and give you the ups and downs.

This is a sunset on Playa Linda (Beautiful Beach)

This is on the Playa Larga beach. We took a countryside tour, hence the long pants. Not to worry though, they are linen. Nice and breezy.

This is the view from our room. Love the palm trees!

This is the main beach on our last night. It was the closest but we never actually went to it during the day.

This is my sunburnt self at Playa Linda during the day. So fun to play in the waves.

David on the same beach.David making a roof tile with the help of Francisco who has been 83 for the past 5 years. What a character!

One of the reasons I don't do well in a humid climate. Check out that hair! Bobby pins were my friends... and lots of them.
Favorite things about the experience:
The sun
Sleeping in every day
The good food from the most obscure places
Spending time with David
Listening to the waves
Being away from Logan
Things I didn't like so much:
The fact that I got bit by mosquitoes on the second evening of the trip
Time share sharks everywhere you turn.
The hard bed.