Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Don't worry, I can blackmail myself, Part 2

So, my eyes are so tired that they are dry and it feels like they could pop out of my head any minute now! Tragedy is that it is only 9:00! When did I get so old?!?

I've been sitting here for awhile contemplating on what to post. I'm sure somewhere in the madness that is my mind there is something waiting to be said... needing to be written down for all the blog-reading world to see. Something humiliating and painful and buried deep down that is begging to be heard. But what! What little snippet of information could flow so well from these fingers of mine and be released on the unsuspecting world. Hmmm...

I've got it! As the packing and unpacking went on, I found a priceless treasure trove of sure to be embarrassing material. My junior-high school/high school journal. Looking over this journal, I am surprised to see on paper just how boy-crazy I was and how often my boy-craziness was the direct result of imaginary relationships. For example:

August 29, 1990 (I was 14... oh my)
Today turned out to be the best day of my whole entire life!! (the exclamation points were accentuated with hearts) I went swimming at Riverdale. Nobody there was my age. But low and behold ______ ______ was THERE!! I didn't even get to talk to him but ____ _____ did. He likes me. I mean really likes me. He even wanted to ask me to go down the slide with him!!! I thought he liked ______ but he doesn't. He was gonna ask me but his mom told him he had to go. I wish he had asked me sooner. Just to imagine what it would be like sends my heart POUNDING!! I'M IN LOVE!!

No one's got better dirt on me than I do. Think you know who belongs in the blanks??? Try your best guess... especially Ginny. (one of those Summer loving type things)


  1. This kicks my No Shame pictures' butts. Seriously.

  2. HAHAHAHA!!!!! Sounds like my journal entries! Hmmm now... which one could it be????

  3. ohhh yes, that was a fun summer, and said boy was very adorable!