Friday, March 22, 2013

Dear Friday...

Dear Friday,
I'm so glad that you are here, but why did you have to bring snow too?

Dear David,
You are the love of my life.  Sometimes I forget that and sometimes it comes rushing back with full force.  Thank you for being the man that you are.  The one who helps me, listens to me, and loves me despite me.

Dear Ben,
I love your stinkin' guts! Your twin drool lines down your face crack me up. I can't get over how big you are getting and I would like you to slow it down just a bit.  At least until I can relish these moments a little more.

Dear Flowers,
I know you are getting another layer of snow but please do not let this deter you from showing yourselves.  I have been looking forward to your arrival for months now and I am ridiculously excited for your color and life.

Dear Quilt,
I'm almost done with you.  Did you ever think it would happen?  Me neither.  Thanks for hanging in there through it all.

A lovely weekend to you all,


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Coming out of the dark...

Ages, that is.  The dark ages.  You know, those times without computers. 

We were down one in our house.  And since the hubs was the one looking for work and all, we thought it best that he use the laptop that I had mostly claimed as mine while I used... nothing.  Which meant that I could only get on the computer briefly.  For quick FB updates and no blog reading whatsoever.

I gotta be honest, the reprieve was quite nice and I did get a few other things done, like quilting and laundry.  I even played with my child! Oh the benefits of being unconnected!  I rather enjoyed it.  It was nice not having the computer so... available to my every whim.

But lest we get carried away and think that I would give it up forever, I am back.  With good news too!

1.  David got a job!!  He starts Monday and will be working from home.  This will certainly be a new and exciting adventure for us that will save on both the gas for the car bill and on eating out.  Commute time is great as well.

2.  Due to new job, new computer.  Which means that my laptop really has become my laptop!  And I have a desk which I am ridiculously excited about.  Since David needed an office to make this whole work from home thing actually, well, work, we converted the downstairs front bedroom which was doubling as a disaster area complete with old empty boxes and broken things shoved in every corner into an office.  Complete with a newly painted D.I. desk and wall art  I took before picture but am waiting for the finishing touches for the after.  So I now have sole possession of the other reclaimed desk that was so graciously bestowed upon us by our neighbors who moved and are still mourned.  I painted it black with a light green top.  David never knew what to think about the green. I fell in love with it immediately.  I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have fit through the doorway of his office without some creative sawing.  So it was pretty much destined to be mine.  So happy!

So.  New job, new workspace, new adventure.  Life is pretty good my friends.  Happy to be able to stay in Logan and share.