Gratitude 2013

This is my year of November.  The year to list something every day that I am thankful for.  Some are trivial, some will only have meaning to me, but it is what is in my heart. 

Dec 31:
Ringing in the New Year with Family
This year of gratitude

Dec 30:
Movies with my son
Taking a little more time and ignoring the dishes

Dec 29:
No extra church meetings and no bake cookies

Dec 28:
Seeing Frozen as a family
The temple

Dec 27:
Deciding to stay on holiday time and just go with the flow.

Dec 26:
Family games
Sleeping in
Ian and his sweet girls

Dec 25:
Christmas in our own home.

Dec 24:
Giving gifts to neighbors
Our first Christmas Eve night with something to set up for Ben

Dec 23:
The chaos of the day did not get me down
Fixed hair color!  Thanks Taylor!

Dec 22:
Singing in the ward choir
Neighbors who do so well with Ben while we sing in the ward choir

Dec 21:
My own bed
Ben's own bed, which means we all slept!

Dec 20:
The Robbins family Christmas party
"Holiday Blessing" sung with great gusto and speed

Dec 19:
Feeling well enough to kiss my little boy goodnight

Dec 18:
Signs of reprieve
my mother and her visits

Dec 17:
Pills to help me stop throwing up
Ellen & Felecia for taking Ben
My awesome husband for letting me be sick

Dec 16:
Thor birthday presents
CAPSA daycare
My regular doctor

Dec 15:
Friends to vent to about sickness

Dec 14:
My "willing to do errands" husband

Dec 13:
cough drops

Dec 12:

Dec 11:
Answered prayers
Miranda's dedicated foot zoning

Dec 10:
Heavenly Father makes sure things work out even when individuals don't follow through.
My committee of awesomeness

Dec 9:
Allison and Monica and Cafe Sabor
Car heaters that work
warm boots

Dec 8:
Safely making it home to Logan
4 hours of detox TV watching

Dec 7:
Lights at Temple Square
Getting things off my chest
A little boy who takes naps

Dec 6:
Game night with family in SLC
Ruckus the right way

Dec 5:
Ward book club
Magic pills
All the laughter that everything brings

Dec 4:
A little boy who started feeling better!  Yay!

Dec 3:
Delivering invitations and being reminded of the mission field
Being able to comfort my sick child just by holding him

Dec 2:
Father's Blessings for my sick child

December 1:
Abby for being a willing baby sitter

November 30:
The glorious smell of a real tree for Christmas

November 29:
The Farming Game

November 28:
Family, Friends, and Dad
Ben sleeping well in a toddler bed.

November 27:
Mountain Dew at just the right time.

November 26:
Wrapping paper backdrops

November 25:
David for helping out with Ben so I could be sick in peace.

November 24:
Dinner with Sophie, Andrew, Cynthia, Mike, Cecil, and Tiffany, and all the kids.  So glad everyone can get together.

November 23:
Grocery shopping with Mom

November 22:
Cafe Ibis hot chocolate
Bens' face alight with wonder as he sees the Lightning McQueen car go all by itself.  He's so pleased about it.

November 21:
Time to sit and craft in front of the TV, it was nice to accomplish something outside of a clean house.
Falling victim to "Thursday Cookie Night"

November 20:
My "enrichment" committee

November 19:
My husband who threatened to be mad if I didn't go to the temple.
Assurances of answer to come when I am ready.

November 18:
Successful photo-shoot scouting

November 17:
My son missed me.
Uncle Ross and family

November 16:
Finding the beauty of vulnerability

November 15:
Time with mom and glorious infomercial ideas.
Elise Oliverson

November 14:
Weather reports for my husband and a cancelled SLC trip.

November 13:
Toys that go well inside and out of the house.

November 12:
The temple ad everything learned there
The "Thou Shalt Not Park Here" sign in front of the temple
A successful Relief Society activity. Love the women of the ward.

November 11:
The ability to refinance our home and save a bit more monthly
The means to buy a new dryer because the old one died
Family finance resolutions
Debbie and Lance

November 10:
That we are singing "Peace, Peace" for choir

November 9:
A chance to talk with Alex

November 8:
The way performers are chosen for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert
Time with David

November 7:
My relatively quiet son
Good friends and good food twice in one day

November 6:
A good friend who helps me figure out what I need, even it it's hard.

November 5:
Laughing and venting with Tawnya and Lacy
Ben and his small spaces (aka a cat bed)
2nd Book Club personalities

November 4:
An uber productive day because my awesome husband took Ben for the morning and I cleaned and organized from top to bottom.

November 3:
An early end to Stake Conference for Ben's sake
Having dinner with Cecil and Tiffany

November 2:
Zeke and Lacy and their awesome family. Both David and I feel so comfortable around them.
Car heaters because our 11:15 family pictures session was COLD!
My dad who I can still feel as a part of my life

November 1:
My growing boy who rode his "bike" all the way around the block.  Kind of surreal.
Good pie

October 31:
Jack-O-Lantern pizza and no cooking

October 30:
Miranda for not giving up on me and for helping me with such kindness.
Things to work on

October 29:
Peggy, because she is just awesome.

October 28:
Being back to a normal exercise routine
last minute perfect gifts (books and peanut butter M&Ms)

October 27:
My awesome mother
A vacation investment that helps make awesomely fun girl's weekends possible.

October 26:
synchronized swimming in the condo pool
late nights filled with laughter
Cafe Rio after 2 disappearing Italian restaurants

October 25:
Some time to myself to catch up and take inventory of my life

October 24:
The unexpected beautify of aspen leaf decorated pine trees
Being with David away from work and "normal" life

October 23:
Ben's new found love for the swimming pool. So much splashing around and peal after peal of laughter
Discovering Cascade Springs for the first time complete with momma and baby moose

October 22:
Car DVD player for Ben. Long trips might just be bearable again.

October 19:
An awesome trip to SLC with my awesome mom
My incredible husband who helps me learn to take care of myself again

October 15:
My wonderful little family

August 21:

August 20:
Ben turns 18 months!!
David for taking care of me and letting me be sick

August 19:
Letting go and accepting what is
Walk around the block with Ben

August 18:
Scriptures and time to ponder them
Good nursery workers

August 17:
Family time
David mowing the lawn

August 16:
Tony Grove and a worn out Ben
David's Family
Wicked badminton skillz

August 15:
Star Trek movies, the old ones

August 14:
Last playgroup at the park
The park for Ben

August 13:
Promise of cooler temperatures

August 12:
Back rubs
good TV
a giggly Ben

August 10:
My friends from single days and catching up
Choosing to let things go

August 9:
The mountains of home.
Bishop Swenson

August 8:
Riverwalk Trail

August 7:
Brownies and good pictures

August 6:
Playing in the sandbox with Ben

August 5:
Back to back episode watching

August 4:

August 3:
My husband helping me dispel guilt

August 2:

August 1:
Holding new babies

July 28:
A better night's sleep

July 27:
David is home from scout camp safely, aka the car did not die
Opportunity to make cute pictures of a cute family.  Little Milo kills me!

July 26:
Movies and cookies

July 25:
Completed projects

July 24:
Abigail's company during my scout widow week

July 23:
Rachael K. for being at a party and picking up where we left off

July 22:
My son

July 21:
David for loving me even when I go crazy

July 20:
High school friends that make my heart happy! So very good to see them again!

July 19:
Visiting campus and being completely okay
Date night

July 18:
Running into friends while walking
Pictures of Ben throwing rocks

July 17:
Finances that work out
Hobby Lobby 50% off decor for Ben's room.

July 16:
There are only a few stumps to go!

July 15:
A much needed sleep

July 14:
My home.
My bed.

July 13:
The best reunion ever! Love the Robbins Family
My camera

July 12:
Clarification, particularly on vinyl tablecloths

July 11:
A cool night while the A/C was out at Cafe Rio

July 10:
"Banana" said Ben style
Clean kitchens

July 9:
A big chunk of stump gone!
Playing in the water with Ben

July 8:
Homemade bread

July 7: 
Spiritual upliftment

July 6:
Bountiful Baskets

June 23:
The Priesthood for Ian
Supportive family
A happy Ben

June 22:
Yard time with Ben, so dang fun!
Gorgeous beautiful sunny but cool weather.  The perfect day.

June 21:
Thankful I was able to get a dr. appointment for Ben

June 20:
A night to see Star Trek with David
Sleeping in

June 19:
Playgroup at the park
Assurances from other moms

June 18:
Warm bread

June 17:
Combined FHE with my family

June 16:
Caring friends who send warm wishes (thanks Tawyna)

June 14:
A clean kitchen
Time to go to a movie

June 13:
More unexpected friendships
Laughter at birthday parties

June 12:
The park

June 11:
A kind husband who gives me the benefit of the doubt

June 10:
A safe trip hope
air conditioning

June 9:
Shari and Adam
A chance to write
McDonald's air conditioned playland

June 8:
Hurricane Splash Pad
My camera

June 7:
The Sullivan family cabin and a chance to relax

June 6:
Aunt Pam's rest stop on a long drive to Hurricane

June 5:
Taking Ben for a walk

June 4:
David for giving me that oh so precious half hour extra to sleep this morning.

June 3:
Bad badmitton games and the Mock's
Our yard in all it's tree filled shady glory

June 2:
We can easily tag team staying home with a sick child and still get our callings taken care of

June 1:
Unexpected high school friendships
Stories about my father as told by others

May 31:
Eli and Velvet and games

May 30:
The temple

May 29:
Allison for tending Ben
Ben gets along with people so very well

May 28:
That we only have one child right now

May 27:
Family, both Hubbard and Robbins

May 26:
A little bit of rest
David had Ben during Priesthood

May 25:
Ice cream

May 24:
Mom's truck to pull out bushes
Tawnya and Isaac inviting us for dinner
Ben and Sammy can play well together

May 23:
David got off work at 5pm!
Panda Express

May 22:

May 21:
Ice water

May 20:
Good weather

May 19:
Kind words and understanding in loss

May 18:
Laughter... crying with laughter with Cecil
Good family
David, cat butts, and hairy donuts

May 17:
Talking to mom past midnight

May 16:
Craft nights and unexpected friendships

May 15:
Relaxing with a good book

May 14:
Sharpened pruning sheers

May 13:
My father
The resolve to delete pictures

May 12:
Being a mom

May 11:
David did the dishes!

May 10:

May 9:

May 8:

May 7:
Good books

May 6:
FHE! We actually had it

May 5:
The people in my ward

May 4:
Star wars
A temple day with David
Mom, Abby, David and Rummy

May 3:
My home

May 2:

May 1:
Photographs for the memory of it all
Moving forward
My dad

April 30:
Lawn work

April 29:
A plant from work and a beautiful card.
Being in the sunshine enjoying the tulips on temple grounds.

April 28:
To be at my home

April 19:
Good friends with kids so Ben can play
A break from whining
My experience with catering proving useful

April 18:
Dad's surgery went well.
My life... all of it.

April 17:
Kind neighbors

April 16:
My husband
A real paycheck
A financial plan

April 15:
Old friends
My smiley baby boy

April 14:
Miracle babies
Testimony meetings

April 13:
Sense enough to put off a major purchase.
Savings accounts

April 12:
Abby's company on the ride to and from Grace
Dad's better spirits

April 11:
Book club laughter
Good for you food
My mom cooked meals from scratch, not the box.

April 10:
Beautiful outdoor weather
Pay day!
Lacy's flight of stairs

April 9:
Uninterrupted nights

April 8:
Good friends and good food.

April 7:
Mashed potatoes done right.

April 6:
That we get conference on the radio
Playing with Ben and the big blue beach ball. So dang funny!

April 5:
Hot bread
My mixer
Green waste pick-up

April 4:
The ability to work hard manually
Pruning sheers, shovel, rake, and ambition

April 3:
Good books
Time to play with Ben

April 2:
Deciding to do nothing and the world did not fall apart.

April 1:
David taking dish duty.

March 31:

March 30:
Frisbee in the park.
Family time on holidays.
That 7 people can sit around our dinner table.

March 29:
Early bedtimes.

March 27:
David and all his understanding awesomeness.
Good books.
Enduring friendships.

March 26:
Lunch with friends
Ben's antics.

March 25:
Dad is feeling better
Sunshine Terrace

March 24:
A full choir

March 23:
Stolen time and an almost watched movie as a family.

March 22:
Mom and Abigail

March 21:
My good little nap taker
My husband who willingly takes a part in raising our son and helping around the home.

March 16:
Sunshine Terrace who can take care of Dad while he's down.

March 15:
David is back from camping
A clean desk
Beautiful shiny day!

March 14:
Ben... heart and soul

March 13:
Suckers after shots
Baby Tylenol
Sunshine, glorious sunshine!

March 12:
A productive day
Warm weather
David can be around for Ben who adores him.

March 11:
Survival of the 1st day of David working from home.
A giggling mischievous Ben

March 10:
Good weather so Ben can go outside.
David being okay with lazy Sunday dinners.

March 9:
people from Grace

March 8:
Time to quilt.
Wisdom and permission to say no.

March 7:
Sharon the good paint fairy and her bestowal of free paint that we used to paint David's office and desk.

March 6:
D.I. finds in the form of a desk for David. Just add paint!

March 5:
The sunshine.
Cookies from neighbors.
That the job income will be enough.
That I have this opportunity to be a housewife and mother with no need to work outside the home.
A wife that talks sense.

March 4:
David got a job!!
Energy to do what needs to be done.

March 3:
Going to church.
No extra Sunday meetings.
David who helps me see things in a different light.

David adds his thankful list:
A wife who helps and pushes me to be better.
Blessed to be provided for for so long without employment.

March 2:
Cold medicine.
Free cheese.

March 1:
Today I am thankful for fudge... mint flavored fudge.

Feb 28:
Trials to help us accept the future and flourish.

Feb 27:
Thankful for interviews that go well.

Feb 26:
I'm so glad that David likes to play card games... and that I win.

Feb 25:
Ben is such a good nap taker.  He goes down without a fight
Ikea stuffed animals.

Feb 24:
Leftover birthday cake.
Ben intentionally saying his first word!! And it was "Mom"  Woo-hoo!
Ben behaving so very well during church. A true tender mercy.

Feb 23:
Snow shovels.
Being able to give comfort.

Feb 22:
Family sho come even when they don't feel like it.
The ability to adjust a plan, which has not always been the case for this crazy lady!

Feb 21:
Good and unexpected friendships.
A sunny day at last!

Feb 20:
Ben.  Oh so thankful for the Ben and his much sought after giggles.

Feb 19:
Bubbles in the bathtub

Feb 18:
Sense enough to give myself a rest.
David insisting on FHE... so nice.

Feb 17:
I adore that David likes Downton Abbey as much as I do if not more.

Feb 16:
My hardworking husband.
Running and not being weary, literally.  Went to the gymn and ran and did not hurt! First time in years.

Feb 15:
A healthy child.

Feb 14:
Jaime for babysitting and running into los Buenos at Gaucho Grill.

Feb 13:
Job prospects and interviews at long long last

Feb 12:
A smiley Ben in the afternoon.
Leftovers so I didn't have to cook.
Frozen cookie dough balls.

Feb 11:
The ability to take dinner to people.

Feb 10:
Surprise phone calls from people I love, specifically Laura in St. Louis.  Such a welcome surprise.

Feb 9:
Early bedtimes for all.

Feb 8:
Cancelled scout campouts.

Feb 7:
Apparently nothing as I skipped this day.  SO perhaps the ability to skip a day and not get called on the carpet.

Feb 6:
My incredible, wonderful, sacrificing husband who let me be sick again today while he takes care of Ben

Feb 5:
Tortilla chips
A good mannered child so mom can have somewhat of a sick day
leftover for dinner

Feb 4:
Text messaging
My son
A good days worth of work

Feb 3:
David, because we go so well together
Caramel chocolate brownies

Feb 2:
The movie "Groundhog Day"
A fairly comfortable living room full of friends

Feb 1:
Grocery stores and willing cashiers

Jan 31:
David who did the dishes and made the kitchen sparkly clean! He even vaccumed!
Teething tablets

Jan 30:
Unexpected friendships

Jan 29:

Jan 28:
Gentleness when it may not be the easiest thing to be.

Jan 27:
Snow. I know, a bit ridiculous, but I love the magic of it all and the no-longer-20-below-zero helps out too.

Jan 26:
Errands done early

Jan 25:
Big thick juicy hamburgers
Laughing with friends and figuring out the world's problems
David and his willingness to talk things out

Jan 24:
Switching roles. David did dinner and I took care of the Ben. It was a nice boost and change of pace.
Celebratory ice cream turning into a celebratory lunch
Snow! Wonderful snow that clears the air!

Jan 23:
Good friends.  It seems to be a weekly theme but it is oh so true.
Cinnamon rolls
Sister chat

Jan 22:
Good books. So very thankful for them.
Chiropracters who fit me in on the same day I call.
A supportive, wonderful husband.

Jan 21:
Laundry. Weird right, but it gives me time to be productive while letting my mind wander where it will.

Jan 20:
The ability to write out my frustrations
David who will also listen to my frustrations and still keep me around
Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

Jan 19:
The ability to play the piano
Mind numbing television shows, sometimes I just need that
Workout pants with no holes

Jan 18:
Spare time

Jan 17:
Exercise that gives a better frame of mind
Writing and the ability to do it and share it
Early bed times

Jan 16:
Good friends with whom I can talk about anything ( I dearly missed them today)
A good night's sleep

Jan 15:
Rummy (the card game)
Death by Chocolate Cake
Samantha's cabbage salad
Lots and lots of laughter

Jan 14:
A baby and parents who got to come home today!!
The abilty to make dinner on the fly
Frozen cookie dough balls

Jan 13:
Medicine, and places open to get it at the last minute
Unexpected encounters with family

Jan 12:
Les Miserables with friends and Village Inn pie!
People who are willing to share their talents

Jan 11:
Playing peek-a-boo with my son after his bath. 
A quiet house for a quiet nap.

Jan 10:
Good, inspiring, thought provoking books. 
Talking way too late into the night with my mother.

Jan 9: 
Awesome, funny, incredible women that I can talk and laugh with and bear my soul in all of it's scary awesome glory.

Jan 8:
Thankful for my son who adores playing in the curtains.
My husband who thinks I'm awesome.
My mom for helping out with the dishes and letting me talk her ear off.

Jan 7: 
Playing games, eating cookies, and laughing at life. 
Thankful for family.

Jan 6
A Sunday with no extra meetings!! Yay!!

Jan 5:
Thankful for a husband who listens to me rant and still loves me.

Jan 4:
Thankful for new life for good friends.

Jan 3
Ben slept till 7:22 this morning with nary a peep during the night. I am thankful, oh so thankful, for the extra sleep!

Jan 2:
Today I got a nap!!
And Ben giggled all the way through is lunch.

Jan 1
Ben slept in till 7:30 which means that our New Year's Eve celebration did not kill us after all!

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