Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Thankful for...

I feel impressed to share my thankful thoughts with you this afternoon.  Be kind gentle readers, be kind.

Today I am thankful for:

1.  Washing machines.  Washing machines that can just be here and sit and wait to be used at random moments.  For example when your child throws up all over everything.  And I mean everything.  Crib, hitting all bedding, himself, the floor and a little bit of me.

2.  My husband who forgot his lunch and happened to walk in the door to get said lunch at exactly the right moment so he could take the child off of my hands and I could clean up the horror that was without interruption.

3.  Chocolate cake, two pieces, as a reward for making it through said ordeal because of all the vomit experiences I've had thus far with my child, none have been this big or this... everywhere.

Now, lest you should feel sorry for me and this situation, a little background.

This morning. 
Breakfast dishes.
Item, 1 sippy cup of orange juice that I could not get the lid off of. 

I handed it to David so he could use his superior strength.  Even he had a hard time, but eventually got the lid off.  I took it, dumped it out and noticed... a smell.  A rather rank smell.  One could even say a little fermented smell.  Upon further investigation, I found out that the sippy cup that I had taken from the fridge this morning with the OJ in it and given to my son to drink for breakfast had actually been left out the day before.  But rather than making it to the kitchen sink, it got put back in the fridge in a moment of distraction.  I've changed the names to protect the guilty so I shall call this culprit Shcmavid.

Yes my friends.  My son was sick this morning and vomited all over everything (after his nap so it was nice and half digested) because his parents had him drink fermented orange juice.

So on to things that you should be thankful for!

1.  I have taken the parent of the year award already so all ya'll are off the hook!

Have a fabulous Tuesday and may your orange juice be fresh.


  1. Replies
    1. Ha! That's exactly what I was thinking....He's so drunk....

      I'm really trying not to laugh TERRIBLY hard at you!

    2. It's okay, I'm laughing at myself inbetween feeling like an idiot. :)

    3. oh, it must be a rite of passage or something, Lora, I hope.

      When Gabe was about 2, we were out to eat with Zeke's Mom and we were giving Gabe lemons, because it was funny and he kept eating them (a lot of them).

      Then, the meal came and he had a BIG glass of milk that basically curdled in his stomach with all the lemon juice. About 2 minutes later, PROJECTILE VOMITING all over everywhere in the booth and yeah, it was awful. I cried, a lot. Probably more than Gabe.

      Then, there was the time my friends and I got a pizza with fermented pineapple on it.... ha ha... good times... until we got sick :)

    4. Oh Lacy that's awesome! BLeck!!

  2. ......You are so NOT the first to do that.... we did it (again) just a few weeks ago. Luckily this time one of the older brothers grabbed it and sniffed at it. Turns out ours was actually WASHED and clean....EXCEPT the little white thing in it that makes it not spill wasn't taken off and a smidge of curdled something or other was left in it. Gross.

    And PS- so sorry for the vomit cannon. That's just gross and NO fun to clean up. I would have cried (I usually do when I'm not cursing. Sadly, sometimes it's both.) Chocolate cake- well deserved.

    1. Maggie, I did just kind of stand there for a minute not knowing what to do or what part to deal with first. Poor Ben was just looking at me from the confines of his crib sobbing and wondering why I just stood there! Yick!

  3. Oh man! I am glad David came home in time to help with it. And doubly glad their was chocolate cake to take the sting out of the day.

    1. David seriously could not have come at a better time. I had a bucket and was starting on the clean up but didn't know quite what to do with Ben who still needed comforting but there was just so much floor that needed to be taken care of. What a day!