Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dear Yesterday,

Dear Yesterday,

You started out beautifully, with so much hope on the horizon.  Projects to be done, babies being born, surgeries done to alleviate pain.  You promised finished kitchen cabinets and time with family.  At least I thought that was what you were promising.

You turned out a bit different that I had hoped.  In some cases drastically.

The trimming for my cabinets was out of stock.  So instead of all cabinets being beautifully adorned, I have two.  But they give me hope for two weeks from now when a new shipment will be coming in.

The surgery went well but the pain was not alleviated, at least not yet.  But there is still hope.  Healing takes time and so do drug combinations.  You were the one that kept family away and I'm a bit irritated by that.

But the most disappointing and even heartbreaking thing was the baby. The sweetest little girl you ever did see that was born early in the morning.  Perfect. Sweet.  In the arms of people who have waited so very long to have her.  But yesterday you pulled a trick.  A mean one.  You let things happen? Made things happen? to send this sweet little one to Primary Children's with an unsure outcome.  She seized and no one knows why, at least not yet. Yesterday was supposed to be a time of recovery and joy and enjoyment of small and impossibly loud baby noises that would always be remembered.  Instead there is worry and wondering and breaking hearts. 

So Yesterday, do me a favor.  Please don't bleed over into today.  Let today be better.  Let today be full of miracles and hope once again.  Let questions be answered and pain be soothed.  Let people get on with their lives and the lives of their little ones.  Please let there be joy today.  Please.

In the meantime I will wait and worry and pray and hope and worry some more.  And Today, if you are reading this too, please influence others for good.  Let their prayers go up in behalf of those they do not know but so desperately need their care.  Please bring some miracles, great or small, just bring them.

Sincerely and with great hope,



  1. Oh, Lora, I'm so sorry -- what's going on??? My heart and thoughts are with you and whoever is going through this terrible time with their sweet baby. ;(

    1. My dad had another back surgery that went well but he is just in soo stinkin' much pain! My mom stayed with him last night in the hospital and will probably be there tonight as well. my friend with the baby just texted me though and it was an infection on the brain that antibiotics should take care of.... phew! and they should be home and back to normal in a week or so. It's her first though and they did IVF and it just breaks your heart! I was so scared that something really bad was going to happen and that would just not be fair at all! So things are looking up but I'm sure prayers are still welcome. :)

  2. I'm so sorry! But so glad things are on the upswing. Can't wait to sit and chat!