Monday, January 21, 2013


Dear Ben,
Today, or technically yesterday, you are 11 months old.  Please stop growing.  You keep on walking around with more and more confidence.  Your too long pants don't even make you hesitate anymore.  Even though I am enjoying you more and more, I still don't want you to grow up too you seem adamant on doing.

Dear David,
I'm so glad you have such a love of popcorn and even more glad that you clean out the popcorn machine after each use.  And thank you for doing the dishes today.  I'm not sure if I could have faced them without anger, or at least tears.

Dear Inversion,
You are dead to me.  Please stop showing yourself and go bug some other valley for awhile.  Or really just go away all together.  I think that would be best all the way around. 

Dear Sun,
I miss you.  The real you, the inversion free you.  Please come back.

Dear Furnace,
Thank you for working so well.  You make me never want to leave the house again.  At least not until the sun really shines.  Now if you could figure out a way to do the laundry.


Hope you all have a wonderful Monday.


  1. Um...I haven't left the house since Friday. And I most likely won't until tomorrow when the boy cruelly has to go back to school (nose willing). I'm deep in January doldrums and I don't see a way out. Sigh...

    1. I HATE this cold weather! This dull non-shiny icky yucky freeze-dried cold weather. Last year was perfect. I miss last year. I just have to keep telling myself that February is just around the corner, and then march and then spring! Or at least more of one than we have now.

    2. Right? It's because we all know that to be TRULY warm, we're still a good 4-5 months out. And that's just wrong. Until summer comes and reminds me why we're here...

  2. That picture is adorable! ;) Hang in there... the sun is out today and I hope it's saying "Look what's coming in February!"