Things that Make Me Happy

There is a story behind this you know.  There's always a story.  You can find it here.

My incomplete list that will keep on growing:

De-cluttering the house
Organizing shelves
Listening to my baby breathe at night
Benjamin's smile
Chocolate for Mother's Day
Flowers and flower pots
bugs that don't come in the house
evenings with family
girl parties
General conference
Good books
Visits to family
Lunch with Friends
First flowers of spring
The smell of the air when it rains
a clean house
fun photo sessions
Cold water
Letters from Alex
My dad learning how to type
Unexpected visits from my mother
David, you know he had to be on here!
Grandma Robbins
pretzel M&Ms
clean sheets and shaved legs
newborn photos
the first snow
Christmas lights in January
good lighting
unexpected laughter
book club
finishing a project
folded laundry
my parents
paper chains
coming home to a warm house
the smell of fresh cut hay
the stars on a cloudless, moonless night
potato dirt
answered prayers
healthy neices and nephews