Friday, February 1, 2013

CY365: Heartfelt Sentiments

I'm doing this.  I have tried to do it before but failed.  Mostly because my ambition went out the window, which is also why you never saw my attempts.  There weren't any! But it's February.  There is snow on the ground but the air is warmer.  There are things to look forward to this month.  And it's short.  Perhaps with all of these combined, I will actually do it!

First photo prompt:
Heartfelt Sentiments

We have a joint journal.  One that we write in for each other.  Not so much for posterity, but something that is fun for us.


  1. Much better than our fogged bathroom mirror notes to each other. I might have to steal that!

  2. It's been good for us. Not everything is always lovey dovey, but it is such a good avenue to tell each other how we feel when we're either not up for talking about it or want to surprise each other. It really has been pretty fun and we've found out some things about each other that probably wouldn't have come up before.

  3. What a beautiful way to begin. I love the focus of your photo. Any day you photography something special to you is a successful project! 1 day or 365, it's all good!