Thursday, February 7, 2013

CY365: Use Your Senses

I have a ridiculous love for my child.  And I make no apologies.  He delights me so much.  He makes me laugh all the stinkin' time and I just can not get enough of his smiles and giggles and facial expressions.  Today the picture topic is Use Your Senses.  There are many things that I could have taken.  But most of those involved way too much effort and at the time I was taking these I just was not feeling all that hot. 

But Ben? Oh Ben.  Whenever I do laundry his favorite thing is to walk around with a pair of silky underwear on his head because he can see through them and loves the texture.  It totally cracks me up.  This is an old curtain that I cut up for him to walk around with instead.  He LOVES it.  Gets a giggle out of him every time and lots and lots of hugs.  He thinks it's the bees knees and so do I.

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