Thursday, February 14, 2013

CY365: three days worth!

February 10: Garage

I wasn't quite sure what to take for this picture since we have no garage.  I thought perhaps I could take a picture of everything that would go in the garage should we actually get one, and I'm not just talking about the car.  Camping equipment and random things like sanders and jigsaws.  All stuff that a garage would welcome.  Then I thought perhaps I could have a little fun with Ben and make a garage for his many cars and trains.  Then I stumbled upon this beauty just proving that my "forced play time" can never make up for what he does on his own.

I literally stumbled upon this and knew it was the perfect "garage" shot.

February 11: Entertain

Sometimes nothing brings quite so much entertainment to both young and old than a simple balloon.

February 12: Celebrate

This is for David. A true celebration.  We have some daily goals that we get points for.  When we reach 200 then the other person has to do something for us.  I get a massage and David gets pie.  This is a Chocolate Cream Cheese Pie that turned out pretty darn good. And the cheesy look on his face says it all.


  1. Chocolate cream cheese pie?! Oy. I know I had other comments, but now all I can think about is pie...

  2. It's rather fantastic. The pie filling is going to go into my "Mother Lovin' Patience" dessert that I have yet to perfect... or try. But this is definitely a component!