Monday, February 18, 2013

Catch Up Time

It's CY365 catch up time.  I've been missing in action, at least in the blogging world.  And well... here ya go.
February 13: Swing
I opted not to do this one because a) we don't have a swing b) the swings we have access to are covered with snow and c) the only alternative I could thing of was "mood swing" and no one wants to see that.  You're welcome.
February 14: Love
Nothing says love like heart shaped bacon... nothing.
February 15: Pride
I bought Ben a pair of church shoes so he could look all stellar and stuff. I just thought they would look so cute on his little feet and we could go to church all proud of our well dressed little boy. There was just a slight problem. He HATED them. I mean hate. I put them on and he actually threw a fit! Being a good parent I laughed as he stomped around trying to get the offending things off. Oh we have a lot to learn!

February 16: Emotion
Nothing could have prepared me for the unexpected Valentine that showed up in my mailbox. It made my week!  No offense honey, but this... this... was just awesome.  Emotions? I think so.
The inside says "... to tell me that you've stolen my heart."
February 17: Color from the Garden
Clearly the people making these prompts live somewhere much different than here.  And because this is my photo capturing tour, I decided to take this one literally.  So here is exactly what my garden looks like right now.

February 18: A Favorite Snack
Favorite snack? Anything chocolate.  But it was not nearly as photographable as my little guy enjoying his favorite snack.  There's a whole ritual involved.  He talks to it, he holds it up to be praised by all, he rubs it on his face, and finally he eats it.  Behold the graham cracker.
On an non-photograph related note, I am really quite enjoying this project.  Especially when I gave up on the "artsy" side that I wanted to pursue.  The title is Capture Your 365.  Well this is it. My life.  My people.  Exactly what is happening. 365 days of the year.  Or at least the 28 days of February.
Happy Monday everyone.