Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Money money money...

So in conjunction with adoption, David and I have started a new journey. One that involves my paycheck and the use thereof. Upon the wise advice of the couple that taught our adoption workshop, we've decided to live just off of David's paycheck for our monthly expenses and put all of mine towards savings. It makes sense because as soon as our child arrives I plan on hanging up my work hat and putting on my mom hat... you know, the one that I've wanted to put on for as long as I can remember. So this last month we did just that. Wow.

We've known that it was always the plan to live off of David's income and I've thought many a time about putting that plan into use sooner rather than later. Still, I was unprepared for the reality. I am dismayed, but not entirely surprised to find out how much freedom my income gives us. It's never been that big of a deal to go out to eat, pick up a new pair of socks, or even procure a new neat little gadget for whatever hobby I happen to be dwelling in at the time. In order to accommodate the things that we really need/want we've done such things as: cancel cable (gasp), David's $10.00 a month gym membership is gone, really cooking at home, and just keeping a tighter lid on ourselves over all.

So far, here's what I've learned.

1. $20 can stretch more than I thought.
2. Actual meal planning and cooking has cut our grocery bill in half (literally)
3. Any program that I really want to watch I can get online or through netflix.
4. We can actually do this and succeed.

Aside from the fact that I could kick myself for not doing this sooner (just think how much we would have saved by now), I feel pretty good overall about our little project. My paycheck is going towards the adoption fee and to pay off the car. Once the car is paid off that $300 payment will give us just the right amount of wiggle room when the baby comes. You know for things like diapers and formula.... those little things that just might come in handy.

One step closer right!


  1. This is Isaac and I's FAVORITE subject...any time you want to chat!

  2. i'm glad you didn't give up netflix. throughout our own baby budgeting netflix was at the bottom of the list of things to sacrifice :) although, we did cut back to one at a time because danny's so busy we don't watch a lot of movies together. also, (in our opinion) the $40 yearly membership to sam's club is TOTALLY worth it for diapers, wipes and formula! formula is EX-PEN-SIVE... and when your 4 month old is the size of a 6 month old, you go through formula very. fast. i'm so excited for you, ps!!!

  3. As it turns out we have been reconsidering the sam's club membership that we gave up. I've heard it's completely worth it for diapers alone. We'll definitely be getting it again when the time comes. Good to hear from you!