Sunday, October 18, 2009

So, remember a really long time ago when I promised that
I would post pictures of our Colorado adventures?
Well, here they are.
The biggest part of the trip was our hike to
Fish Creek Trail. Absolutely beautiful!

It was exhausting... as you can see by my exaggerated gesture.

David has a backpack with ridiculous straps. It made it look like he had "man boobs"
(Can I say that in a blog?)

K, so we didn't put it there but kind of nice huh!

Well, that pretty much sums us up! a little crazy, a little grouchy, but we sure do like each other!


  1. Love your pics! You still make me laugh! Miss ya! Oh and I have a new blog... just an fyi... however I can't write like you! ;)

    Love ya!