Friday, July 20, 2012

We were on a break!

Your welcome.

I've taken a break.  From just about everything I could take a break from.  Namely: my addiction to the internet including but not limited to blog surfing and facebook; writing in general; talking to people; neglecting my house; anything that has been my "norm" lately.

It's felt good. I go through these times every once in awhile.  These times where I step back and re-evaluate my presence.  What I want to say with the words that I write.  What I want to do with my time, basically how I want to actually live my life. 

I usually discover some good things and some bad things during these times.  "Bad" meaning things that I would like to change about myself.  Things/behavior that I have not been particularly pleased with.  I won't list those because they are for me alone.  Although I did realize that I spend way too much time on facebook since my recent internet absence resulted in a few emails wondering if I was okay since I had been "silent" for sometime.  Never fear my friends, all is well.

Mostly it's been a time to just be.  To be with family.  To sit and relax and not worry about anything that I don't absolutely have to worry about.  To soak in my surroundings and let change come to me rather than seek it.  To do things without thinking too much about them.  To take advantage of no schedule and nothing pressing.

Someday maybe I'll tell you all about it.  But mostly, for right now, I still just want to be for awhile.

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