Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Remember that first of the year word that I'm too lazy to link to?  Well my goal was to simplify my life and be resourceful.  To provide on a shoestring budget.  To let go of things and find ways to do others.

I've felt a need to really take stock of where I am right now.  It's always interesting to look back and compare how things actually have been to how you thought they would be.  Simplicity came in different forms. 

*Instead of getting rid of stuff and decluttering the world, I've collected more.  But it's stuff that I love rather than just happen to have.

*I've simplified my daily structure.  Housework is no longer mandatory.  Sanity is.  There will be some sort of food on the table but the floor may not always be clean.  Or at least as clean as I like it. And that's okay.

*I've learned to combine things.  For example if I'm going to get regular exercise then it's going to be with Ben.  Gone are the days of a really hard workout.  Here are the days of a long walk with a stroller and stops to check on my baby's happiness.

*On a related note, I have let go of competing.  I'm realizing at last what real beauty is.  It really does have nothing to do with a waistline.  More on that later.

*I have let some things go.  Not physical things, but things nonetheless.  As it turns out my brain was more cluttered than I even knew!  I've decided stop being tossed about by every negative thing that comes my way and decide if I really want it taking up brain power.  If it's actually worth taking up brain power.  Why does negative seem to automatically outshine the positive?

The resourceful front has kind of been a joke. Here's what I've accomplished so far.

*I can mash fruit and vegetables for Ben to eat rather than buy the bottled baby food.

That is all.  That's it!  By this time I thought I would have made my own laundry soap and shampoo! But I get all scared of those unknown things like... borax!  It goes right along with my inability to finish my quilt because I have to change the needle on my sewing machine (with the needle that is purchased and still in the package in a bag just waiting).

So there you have it. I think next year I'll cut it down to one word and hope for maybe a month of success before laughing it off like every other New Year's goal I've ever done!  And perhaps that word should be: finish-the-dang-quilt!

Happy Wednesday my friends!


  1. I found my year of simplicity to be the same...very mental and not so much with the physical. It was so interesting!

  2. I love your simplicity. Letting go of not so much the physical STUFF but the emotional stuff- I want to learn how to do that. (Though a through going through of physical stuff is paramount in our house too...sadly.) By the way- the mashing up REAL food for babies is something I've had to learn. We used to have WIC and had baby food lining the shelves- mostly because it available. That's what I knew how to feed my kids. The doctors give handouts as to what food and when- the food has numbers on it as suggested guidelines for food... and that handicapped me. Now I just feed Charlie a bit of what we're eating and he's great with that. I feel much better about it and sad that I had to figure it out with #3. But that's really a topic for another day. My simple comment has now turned into a monster. Thus goes MY life. Love you. Keep it Simple Sweetie. (KISS)

  3. I love your honesty. I love your comment on letting of mental things. I'm trying!!