Sunday, June 14, 2009

If you Could Hie to Kolob

Well, that's exactly what we did! Last weekend (being June 5-6, yes I'm a bit late) we went to Kolob Mountain where David's Grandma has a cabin. Grandma Sullivan is no longer living, but she has graciously left the cabin to her kids to share. We decided it was time to go and experience it all.

David and I were the only ones to stay Friday night and we certainly had an adventure of it. But why listen to me? Let me have the pictures do the talking.

Adventures in smores. Many a contraption tried, but nothing works like patience.

I was the winner of the perfect smore contest.
We then went inside for lessons on lamp lighting and learning to play Pinocle. Any takers to play with us? We need to practice so we can make a comeback. We got schooled.
The next morning started with a hike around the lake.

Around noonish, the rest of the family started showing up. The days events consisted of:

Feeding chipmunks,

Feats of strength, (I love the little hop!)

Chatting with each other,
Throwing rocks at bugs,

And playing in the playhouse.

We even got to eat... a little later than expected, but hey, we're camping right!
All in all we had a good time and hope to be able to do it again.


  1. Looks like you had a blast! :) Jeremy & I learned to play Pinocle when we first got married but since there was no one to play with we have totally forgotten! Love the game though :)

  2. Ummm...I thought that pic of David standing by the water was actually of him peeing in the water...LOL I know, I know...I'm crazy...blame it on my poor vision...or something

  3. You are so clever in the way you broadcast your news. Love the pictures too.