Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Day

Christmas Day.
We woke up bright and early
and watched nieces and nephews open presents.
We spent the night at Jarom and Melissa's home
and got to spend the morning with their three kids.
It was so fun being able to watch
their faces light up with joy.
Isn't it that much more fun to watch a child
rather than spend it without.
Unfortunately I didn't get photos of our actual Christmas morning
but I was able to get some at mom and dad's
though even then I failed miserably at getting pics of everyone.
oh well!
The boys playing with Christmas.

See what I have to put up with!
What is it with kids and little chairs.
Axel couldn't fit but we sure got a kick out of watching him try.
To the founder of the feast.. or at least part of it.
Alex dazzled us with his dutch oven prowess.

Just us, enjoying the day.


  1. You so need to make that pic (Davids funny face) into your Christmas Card for next year! hahahaha! LOVE IT!

  2. It really was one of my favorite pics! He thinks he looks stupid, but come on, isn't that part of the charm!