Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reflections and Other stuff

Things of note that should be mentioned lest they be forgotten.

1. Thanks Tawyna and Isaac for having us over for New Years! What a hoot! and I loved the dip though my body did not. Totally worth it though.

2. I don't remember being this tired of Christmas this early before. When did I become Scrooge?

3. My Christmas slippers have stopped shedding on me. Happy.

4. Next year I want to start all over on Christmas decorations. Especially the tree. I want maroon ornaments and white crocheted snowflakes... I already have some but need more. Anyone know where I can get some. I suppose I could always learn to make them myself... hmm.

5. I'm kind of excited for normalcy and routine to take back the reins of my life. I seem to get much more accomplished that way.

6. I only made 3 cut out snowflakes this year. Seriously. Scrooge.

7. I still love the crunch of snow.

8. I wish I could finish painting around the light fixtures in our house.

9. I wish our fireplace was not just decorative but functional as well.

10. I love the Lord of the Rings movies. That pretty much makes me the coolest sister-in-law in David's family. It matters not that I'm the only sister-in-law.

Bah Humbug.

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  1. Serious fun. We're on a veggie fast this week, trying to rid ourselves of the Velveeta salt!