Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dear Today

Dear Wednesday,

You are here and I'm not sure what to think about that.  You are the middle.  The middle of a big week.  Of friends and family.  Of politics mingled with religion.

Things I would like you to bring next time around.

1.  The ability of my baby to sit still long enough for me to get both the diaper and the pants back on before he squirms out of control.  Or faster reflexes on my part.

2.  A pair of pants that are not covered in drool and/or snot up to just past the knees.

3.  All the leaves on the ground so they can be raked up once and for all.

4.  World peace.

5.  An extra bag of pretzel M&Ms cause the one I have might not last through the week.

6.  Time with my husband.  Real time.

7.  A somewhat back to "normal" schedule for Ben that we can all live with.

8.  A return of brotherly kindness despite the politics of the day.

It's not much to ask really... when you think about it.  Well maybe the world peace thing, but wouldn't it be nice?

Don't get me wrong, you have been kind today as well.  I love friends and muffins and real talk.  I love the sunshine and the weather that still allows for walks.  A vacuumed floor that may last all the way till 5 pm.  A new print hanging on my wall.  Excitement about this coming Girl's Weekend.  And there are still enough M&Ms to last through the day and tomorrow.

Until next week...


  1. I love pretzel M&Ms and I am serious about wishing I could just sit and visit with you ALL day :) I always love to hear your take on things. I hope Ben gets back on a better schedule for you! That's hard. Love ya!

    "Harsher punishment for parole violators, Stan.... and world peace!"

    1. Oh Lacy, you're so... congenial! Love ya too!

  2. I love friends and muffins and real talk, as well. And world peace. Never had pretzel M&Ms, though...

    1. Never had pretzel M&Ms!!! I have some on my counter! If I had known I would have added to the muffins... chocolate is good for any meal right.

    2. You ARE talking to the woman who brought you a brownie at 8:30 am...

    3. True! and a lovely brownie it was! I may be drooling just a little right now...

    4. Hmmmm....treats on me next week!