Sunday, December 16, 2012


Dear David,
You are my rock. You are the one I lean on in times of trouble. You whisper words of wisdom and tell me to let it be. Thank you.

Dear Primary Children,
I so loved your sweet voices today as you sung in church.  I love your smiles and your sparkly eyes. Thank you for sharing.

Dear Ben,
It's a good thing you are cute because if not I would get really irritated by the smell of spit up on my dress right now.  As is I will just throw it in the wash... like I did last week... for the same reason.

Dear Snow,
I'm glad you have made an appearance.  I like it when you cover all the brown and ugly this time of year.  Feel free to make yourself better known.

Dear Sunday,
Thank you for coming once again and bringing hope to a troubled world.  To my troubled world.

Dear Mothers and Fathers in Conneticut,
My heart goes out to you right now.  Every time I see a child or snuggle my own I think of you and I choke back a tear.  May God bless you in this time of need and sorrow and questioning.

My love to you all,



  1. Dear Lora,
    Thanks for being awesome!

  2. Dear Lora, thanks for being such a wonderful friend. You always make me feel special and I LOVE to make you laugh!

    This was a great post. :)