Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Scenes From Christmas

Jingle Bells

Stepping into the day

part of breakfast

O Christmas Treadmill, Oh Christmas Treadmill, how lovely are thy... rollers?

How it's done.

Merry Christmas from the Sullivans!


  1. OOooh I noticed someone got Smallworld. How is it? We just got ticket to ride and it was mentioned on the flyer inside the box (see how they do that?). Looks a bit like Settlers....

    Also- the food looks scrumptious. I think I gained the HOldiay 15 or something. But food is so yummy- why do we cram all the good stuff into one part of the year?

    Your little Benji is just too stinkin' adorable. Is he to the monster stage? Getting into everything when your back was only half turned?

    May you all recover from Holiday Goodness. Love ya!

    1. Maggie, apparently Smallworld is fantastic and quite the hit. I didn't actually play it though because something happened to my brain and I lost all ability to function in new situations. So I looked at pinterest instead. :)

      And yes, to set your mind at ease, Ben is into EVERYTHING!! It's a good thing he's cute because it may just save his life someday. :)