Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Bob" is gone

Just a quick update because frankly that's all I'm up to right now.

"Bob" was taken care of and is no longer a part of my life, the little devil. Turns out my surgery was two for the price of one. The doctor found a spot of endometriosis while he was in there and got that taken care of too.

So the silver lining is that it was better to go in now and find a little bit of "extra stuff" to get taken care of than to wait another 5-6 months and find out then. See, the Lord does have a plan!


  1. Glad Bob is gone. Sux about the endo... and accepting the Lord's plan is much harder than it sounds. Hope your back running soon!

  2. NO more BOB! Bad BOB! Evil BOB and Evil Endo, too!

    Glad you are doing okay, lady...when do you have to start back to work...I have a freezer meal sitting here with your name on it...David mentioned for me to wait a while or I would have it over there already...let me know when your ready, or if you have enough freezer space for it...sure love you guys...hope this makes it better!

  3. Glad I don't have to ask:
    "What about Bob?"
    David says you have a clean slate,
    whatever that means.....
    Here is to hope!