Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith"

I just finished Anne Lamott's "Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith"

Lamott is a Christian writer with liberal views and a great sense of humor. I found her writing thought provoking in places, hard to agree with in others, humorous, and above all honest. She is who she is, flaws and faith combined. I think we all have that part of us. Even the best of us are sometimes pretending so that we can get through the rest of the day, go home, and have a break down in the privacy of our own bathroom. (Not that that ever happens to me of course, I'm practically perfect in every way.)

Favorite quotes from the book:

"Refuse to wear uncomfortably pants, even if they make you look really thin. Promise me you'll never wear pants that bind or tug or hurt, pants that have an opinion about how much you've just eaten. The pants may be lying!"

"I still have terrible moments when I despair about my body-- time and gravity have not made various parts of it higher and firmer. But those are just moments now-- I used to have years when I believed I was more beautiful if I jiggled less, if all parts of my body stopped moving when I did. But I know two things now that I didn't at thirty: That when we get to heaven, we will discover that the appearance of our butts and our skin was 127th on the list of what mattered on this earth. And that I am not going to live forever. Knowing these has set me free."

Lamott reminds us that we are who we are and God knows it and He still loves us. Thanks Tawnya for giving me the book. I really enjoyed it.

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