Wednesday, July 8, 2009

In Common

What do a nursing mother, an avid reader, and someone who drinks a lot of water have in common?

Yep, the women’s restroom in the Taggart Student Center.

Not to be mistaken for ordinary, this restroom offers relief for a variety of women and their needs. It’s deep black faux-leather couches offer the average person a place to sit back, kick off your shoes and read a good book or even take a quick nap.

During certain times of the day your R&R can also be accompanied by the soft swish swish coming from the ‘lactation station’ as resident employee pumps.

And don’t forget the flush of the toilets and the crank of the paper towel dispenser!

As an added bonus the wall-mirror lets you know whether you look your best or need to straighten a few loose strands.

Yes indeed, a restroom fit for royalty.


  1. I never did understand why anyone would really spend time on that couch! Who honestly could sit and study next to someone loudly stinking up the room?!

  2. Oh the bathroom where so many have taken naps! Still makes me gag everytime I think about it!