Friday, July 17, 2009

Oh yeah, it's that good

Here's the link, just read the article, I know you'll get a kick out of it.

Pork Barba-coca-cola

Thanks Stef!


  1. Oh, wow. Have I ever mentioned how very much I hate Provo? Sadly, he was probably serious...

  2. That is really funny! People are dumb! Hey, I read a book you might like. It is called "These Is My Words" by Nancy E. Turner. I really really liked it.

  3. And so my belief that I am the ONLY person to hate "These is My Words" continues...

  4. Ya know when you make it at home it tastes just as good with Sprite...but that was pretty funny. I'm grateful that someone cut it out and posted it. Thank you for sharing with us all on the web-o-sphere. (Too bad now I'm craving an ice cold coke)

  5. I'm pretty sure we are all safe on the Coke thing.. Makes me glad I don't live there.

    I'll have to check out "these is my words". I'm sure that someone somewhere has reccomended it before but I don't have that great of a memory. I'll add it to my goodreads list.

  6. Was the article for real, or was someone being very sarcastic? I'm confused........ either way it is nicely saturated with Mormon humor.
    David's grandmother Clove used to make sugar plums with real rum for Christmas. The riper the better!
    Would you like the recipe?