Monday, July 6, 2009

The Leap

Well, we've decided to take the next step in the child-getting process. That's right, we're filling out the adoption papers. I've had this inner debate on whether or not I would make this all public or not. But then I remembered that my life is pretty much an open book so why put off the inevitable?

Last Thursday we met with LDS Family Services and got the 'scoop' on adoption. It must be a good thing because David and I both had to hold back tears. I would say that there was something stuck in my eye, but how weird is that that it would effect both of us?! So I'll fess up. It really got to me. Not in a sad way, but it an oh-so-special way. So much of that way that we could hardly wait to come home and start filling out the papers and online profile.

Our case-worker said it usually takes about 4 months to get approved. My initial thoughts were "wanna bet? I'll see your 4 months and do it in 2 tops!" Then we started on the paperwork. It really is pretty intensive. Sure you have to get birth certificates, marriage documents, criminal background checks, but that's almost the easy part. There is a huge on-line section that has all sorts of in-depth questions that have to be answered. It's one thing if you are just putting in quick answers that 'will do' but quite another when you realize that someone will be making judgements on whether or not they give their child to you based on your answers. No pressure right. But it's definitely becoming quite the experience.

It's gotten me to think alot about family relationships and even our own personalities. How we interact with each other, how we get along with our own brothers and sisters. It's a lot to think about. Makes it difficult to know what to say.

But long story short, that is where we are at. I still say 4 months is a long time, and let's face it, school starts up again in August and I won't see my husband till December for all intents and purposes. Gotta get it done now!


  1. YAYYY!! I am so excited, well, because you know how I feel about adoption. I am glad to hear you had the same feelings we did. And nothing compares to that paperwork, it is a bear, but soo worth it. They told us it would take 4-6 months to do it all. We started the classes the middle January (which are awesome) and we were approved March 30th. It is hard work, but looking back we know why we had to work so fast! Met with H May 16, picked June 7, born July 10th!! Heres hoping it goes fast for you all, ADOPTION IS A MIRACLE, for all involved. You will never feel Heavenly Father's love more than through this process. Oh, yay, I am so excited. Let me know if I can help you in anyway, yay yay yay!

  2. Yay! Here's hoping it goes quickly. Let us know if you need anything!

  3. I've got an adopted niece and she is fantastic. good luck getting the paper work all done, so you can get on with those sleepless nights after you get that baby! :)

  4. OH really I am so happy for you! You have no idea, i keep you in my prayers always and I am so excited for you to be doing this!! Keep me updated on everything!! Oh I am just so happy for you!

  5. I am excited for you!!!! I know that it can be a long hard process but it is so worth it in the end!!! I see the other side of it (you know in the office :)) and it is amazing!!! There is such a great spirit that accompanies the process on all sides!!! I have always thought highly of adoption but working in the field a little bit has opened my eyes up to a whole new understanding!!! One of the most rewarding things that I have done was to witness a finalizaiton in the court house. Such an awesome thing!!! And to be in the temple with others as they are sealed......priceless!!!! I know that you have the strength to do this! You are both AMAZING people who have such strong testimonies and anyone who clues into that will pick you to be parents!!!! I know that what is right will work out in time and you will see the hand of The Lord in all of this!! Best wishes and keep us posted!!!!!

  6. We are praying, and the Lord always answers my prayers.