Thursday, February 4, 2010

Marathoner, Sprinter, or Walker?

Marathoner:  One who covers great distances in record times.  One who is driven to succeed.  One who is in control of their body enough to push it's limits.  Marathoners keep going even when the going gets tough and they do it quickly.

Sprinter:  Great bursts of energy over short periods of time.  Disciplined to push ahead faster.  Knows the limits of the body and works within the bounds.  When the going gets tough, they exert one last burst of energy because they are done at the end of the lane.

Power-Walker:  Great endurance skills.  Slower than a marathoner or sprinter, but steady.  Able to cover great distances and still talk to people on the way.  Dedicated.  When the going gets tough, they power through, breathe a little harder, but always come out smiling in the end.

Rambler:  Uses small amounts of energy over long periods of time.  Not so steady, not so dependable and slow.  When the going gets tough they stop on the nearby bench to take a rest before finishing up.  Maybe even a light snooze.  Always waits till the last possible minute to get up and start moving again. Usually has to be prodded

Which one am I?

I always envisioned myself as a marathoner, in it for the long hall. "Steady as she goes" so to speak. Covering great distances for the greater good.  Working smoothly, fluidly if you will at a steady fast pace. Breathing in and out, listening to the regular rythm of my heartbeat as my muscles work together carrying my body through life. In control.  Accomplishing great things in record time.

And then reality: I close my eyes and listen my steady heartbeat only to find it beating wildly, sporadically.  I take deep breaths and try to calm down while the natural man screams out "YOU'RE NEVER GOING TO MAKE IT! DOOMED I TELL YOU DOOMED! GIVE UP WHILE YOU STILL HAVE STRENGTH IN YOUR LEGS YOU DUMMY!"  Definitely not a marathoner.

As you may have guessed I'm not really talking about running here.  The course is life, the athletes ourselves.  Where do we fit in?  I have decided that for myself, I fluctuate between the Sprinter and the Rambler, never landing on the Power-Walker.  Especially this week.  I exert great bursts of energy to get through a project and as soon as I cross the finish line my brain turns to mush, my legs give out and I find myself just past the finish line with rubber-chicken muscles unable to stand up.  Out. Of. Breath.  Then the Rambler kicks in and I roll over onto the grass in the sidelines because dang it, I deserve a break!  That is until the next project rears it's ugly head and refuses to be put off any longer.  Sometimes it even has to bite me on the behind to get me going again.  And then I sprint ahead because it's the only way I'll be able to catch up.  Vicious cycle I tell ya!

Why can't I be the Power-Walker?  Slow but steady.  Always dependable, always productive.  Only occasionally out of breath?

Which one are you?


  1. I am a, um, rambler? With some power-walking tossed in? I don't know if I even ever make it to sprinting. Sigh.

    word verification: parer - N: a new diet drug introduced in Jan. 2010 with the promise of slicing off pounds and inches with rapidity.

  2. J.B. I miss you! I would love to ramble together sometime. Of course right now I would rather ramble where you are than where I am. so tire of cold! oh well, not too much longer. I hope.

  3. Missed you on Thursday; hope your friend is ok!

  4. I think I've become comfortable being a rambler, and when something needs to be done, sprinting to the finish line. Unfortunately, I don't sleep all that peacefully because most or all of my thoughts are on the tasks that I have been procrastinating. I wish I was a power walker, but that takes a lot more discipline that I have right now in my life. Then again, perhaps if I were to be more disciplined, my life would go a lot more smoothly and peacefully - much less stress. I just don't know!!
    My word is essersic; it's what happens to you after you've taken parer - N! ;)

  5. Debbie, good to hear from you! Discipline certainly isn't one of my strong traits, unless chocolate is rewarded that is. Hmm..