Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Things Discovered

This past week has been one discovery on many levels.  And by "this past week" I mean the week that started last Tuesday and ended on Sunday.

My discoveries:
1.  It takes longer than you think to weave blue and yellow placemats out of construction paper, especially when you are doing 65 of them.

2.  Getting things from work doesn't always mean it's easier or takes less time.  I ended up standing in the bakery for an hour on Saturday while one of the girls fixed the mess that was the cake I ordered.  It looked like a 3-year old got ahold of a paint brush.  Didn't realize I needed to specify that it be decorated tastefully instead of ickily.

3.  Girls ages 8-11 can really pack away the ice cream.  King kong cone anyone?

4.  Girls ages 8-11 never stop talking.

5.  It is possible to have half a container of sprinkles on top of 1 heart-shaped sugar cookie.

6.  It doesn't take as long to frost a cookie as it does to make a Valentine.

7.  Baked potatoes, when placed in church ovens in large quanitities to cook steam a lot. 

8.  A smoke alarm in the church house does not have the ability to distinguish between steam and smoke.

9.  It is possible to have too much frosting on a piece of cake.

10.  Scouts never stop running... Never.

11.  Bringing a roll on fast Sunday to illustrate the sacrament for sharing time is not a good idea.

Yep.  It's been a good week.  Is it odd that I sometimes look forward to work because it gives me a chance to relax?  Yeah, I thought so.

And for your enjoyment and mine as well.
from "Allo! Allo!"


  1. I've learned a few of those lessons. I had been in primary for years up until two months ago. What was the big activity?

    What's Allo, Allo? Is that a BBC show?

  2. Yeah, BBC. Reruns play on our PBS...

  3. lbs: what wasn't the activity! Activity days on Wednesday, Quarterly activity on Saturday, and Blue and Gold Banquet on Sunday. Seriously, I'm churched out!

    Allo Allo is a BBC. Very funny.

  4. Lora! You are so funny! I am so glad you sent me this link. I had a fun morning reading through your posts. We are still keeping our fingers crossed and our knees to the ground for you guys! Once I get to it I will post a link to your its about love site on our blog. Please keep us posted!

  5. Wow--it's like the perfect storm of Primary activities! I remember those days...

    I'll have to look for Allo.

  6. One word: cakewrecks.blogspot.com. No matter how bad your cake looked, you'll feel better about it. :-)

  7. I've learned that no matter how much you try to hold on to something, when it's gone there is a grief process; be it a job, a friend, a car, etc.
    Sort of ironic that my word is "givest".

  8. Ah, Primary teaches us so many things. I verbally quit Primary last Sunday. I don't think it took.

    word verification: desiti

  9. Jlo: as it turns out I checked out that blog last week. COmpletely wonderful! I was astounded by how many cigarette themed cakes there were. Nothing says appetizing like a carton of camels in cake form. yuck!

    J.B. I quit too. It think it may have took if anyone had believed me. I clearly need to work out a spectacular exit sequence to catch the attention.