Saturday, February 27, 2010

Our Story, chapter 1

Did I ever tell you about how David and I met?  Yes? No?

The year was 1999.  I had just moved into a cute little home with 3 girls that I didn't know.  I had been home from my mission since October 1998 and was ready to move on with my life.  I was in the Logan 22nd Singles Ward.

David was in the ward. He had heard that I served in the Missouri St. Louis mission and struck up a conversation.  His brother served in the same mission.  I knew him as one of the singing elders.  That was our first introduction.

I thought he was handsome and I enjoyed the comments that he gave in Gospel Doctrine.  He always sat on the front row.  I always sat on the back row.  I kept my eye on him but apparently the timing wasn't right for us to really get to know each other.  He moved out of the ward that summer and we both lived our seperate lives.

Every once in awhile we would run into each other.  In the Wal-Mart parking lot, or crossing paths in other church buildings.  He was always friendly, I always checked his ring finger.  It was always bare.

We each dated, got in and out of relationships and learned a lot about ourselves.  Then our paths crossed again.  This time as representatives for the 25 and Older Singles Group in our stakes.  I semi-fondly called it "The Last Chance Before They Put You Out to Pasture".  "Pasture" was the Adams Park ward where the chances of marriage were slim at best.  Even being on the same committee it still took some time before David asked me out.

As a matter of fact I had pretty much given up on him.  My apparently pathetic attempts at flirtation weren't panning out.  One of my friends asked if I could introduce her to him.  I thought I might as well since he's obviously not interested in me.  (I confess, I secretly didn't think they'd work out anyway so I didn't see the harm in it.)  So after our institute class, the special one for the 25 and up group, I made introductions.  The night came to a close and we each walked to our seperate cars.  David and I happened to be parked on the same side of the building so we walked out together.  Well sort of together.  I was a little behind but he was still in the parking lot nonetheless. 

Then we started talking, and talking, and talking.  Before we knew it it was 11:00 and we were still talking in the parking lot.  I thought to myself "Hmm.. that was interesting."  And then we just looked at each other.  Kind of funny like.  We said our goodbyes and see ya laters. 

Later happened to be the next day at the opening social for the 25 and older group.  Did I mention he was in charge of it... yeah, he was.  So we met at Adam's Park the next day and entertained the masses, all 20 of them.  We played volleyball and ate ice cream.    My friend who was quite interested in David came as well.  This was the day they were really supposed to hit it off.

So there we were playing sand volleyball, each of us on opposite teams, when David yells out.  "Hey Lora, have you seen the new Harry Potter movie?"  I respond with a no.  He continues, "Would you like to go with me on Friday night?"  Without hesitation I said yes.**(see footnote)  Then I looked at my friend and she looked at me.  She was not happy.  However, I had been waiting for this moment for 5 years and I wasn't about to pass it up.

So on Friday June 26th, 2004 David and I had our first date.  I don't even remember which Harry Potter it was.  We came back to my apartment and talked till 2 in the morning at least.  Catching up on what had happened in our lives and how we got to where we were.  Thoroughly enjoyable. 

That was the beginning, almost 6 years ago.  I was already at ease with this charming man and he didn't know he had already started to sweep me off of my feet.

**Footnote:  the "yes" in this story had another part.  There was another guy there who had asked me out several times that day and each time I turned him down.  I told him I was busy, visiting family, not interested in the movie, headed out of town.  Anything and everything I could do.  Not 10 minutes before David asked me out he had asked me to see the Harry Potter movie with him that same weekend and I had declined.  I don't know how he missed it since he was playing volleyball with us too, but he did not hear either of us.  Much later on, like weeks, he continued to ask me out and I continued to say no.  He then told me that I better be careful because if I didn't say yes soon he would stop asking me out.  I said that would be okay.  He really didn't know how to take that.  I told him I wasn't interested in him.  He went into denial.  I ended up going out with him once, and by out I mean sitting on opposite ends of the couch watching a movie at my house.  He stopped asking after that.


  1. She did forgive me. Thank goodness. Not that it would have stopped anything but it would have been awkward.

  2. I wish you had some influence over
    Cecil, Ivan and Rhett

  3. It is funny to read this story again and laugh about "the friend"---although I had no idea that you didn't think we would work out!!! You should have just told me that in the beginning! And I can visualize all of this as it is happening!!! And of course you are forgiven....well at least for the most part! :) Just kidding---I love you to death and miss you like crazy, everytime I see Cecil at church I think of you and how much I miss seeing you guys! I need to come visit!!

  4. I figured it wasn't an issue any more. And in all honesty, I didn't know for sure if you would work out or not. Who am I to stop someone's opportunity... um wait a minute. Well at least not on purpose.

    You should come visit sometime. Is there ever such thing as a break in this crazy world!