Monday, December 6, 2010

Fa ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra

Tis the season people, tis the season.

This one has caught me more off guard than most.  In fact it took almost an entire week after Thanksgiving to get our tree up.  Half of my usual holiday adornment is still in it's boxes where it was so tenderly packed up last January.

I seriously don't know what's gotten in to me, I'm just not that excited.  Perhaps it has something to do with:

1.  The Christmas Open House we did for work in October?
2.  The Christmas music we've been working on in ward choir since September?
3.  The fact that I really do still have a box or two that still needs a home since we moved?
4.  The Holiday Office Party flier that has haunted me since October and then never came into reality?

Could it be that everything started so early that I have experienced the usual Christmas excitement in slow degrees since September and there's no where left to peak?

Even Nat King Cole, that trusted holiday soul has left me less that glowing by the fire of his magic voice.  I just don't know what to do!?!



  1. Simmer Cider on the stove and snuggle in to watch ELF. It's quickly becoming a classic around our house. I love your reference to The Christmas Story. I laughed when I saw the post listed in my side bar. We actually DID have Christmas one year at a Chinese Buffet. Oh man. Worst Ever. It was the only thing open besides Denny's and that had at least an hour wait. We should have gone to the movies and eaten over priced popcorn. Some holidays are better than others. So don't feel bad.

  2. Let's go caroling... seriously, I love it :)

  3. Game night. Definitely game night. Or lets do a couples goodie and talk night - I'll host.

  4. The mall totally does it for me. If you need someone to go with...I'm your girl!

  5. I think I've stumbled upon my problem! well, two of them. 1st. The TV is not where the Christmas tree is so watching christmas movies while not next to the fully lit and decorated tree... less than stellar. 2nd, I may be having remorse for the tree because I neglected to water it for one day and it dried out the bottom and sealed off. WE've drilled holes, but only minimal signs of recovery... Perhaps I'm being haunted by it's spirit? Either way we'll watch a movie on the laptop by the dead tree and perhaps regain some fa la la la la.

  6. I'm sorry, but THAT made me laugh, Lora! Do you wanna come over and watch Elf by our tree?

  7. Silly isn't it. I just may have to take you up on that offer.