Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm sitting here...

I'm sitting here in a robe and pajamas.

It's Monday.  What a wonderful day to be sitting here in my robe and pajamas.

David and I got back from Hurricane last night after spending Christmas with the Sullivan clan.  (Can I call it a clan?  I mean it wasn't even the completely family - Sophie and Andrew were in Texas - but "family" seems so formal, "clan" seems more manly?? It just fits better knowing the crew.)  Anyway, it was warm there.  It is cold here. But there was still nothing as glorious as walking in to my home after a few nights away.

I've been thinking a lot about this past year.  It always happens when a new year approaches.  I almost can't help but start taking stock of what has happened during the last 12 months of my life.  Not surprisingly, it didn't take long before I felt so abundantly blessed. 

"Abundance" is my friend Tawnya's word of the year for 2010 and it just fits so perfectly.  I hope Tawnya that you don't feel like I'm stealing anything, but I really just can't get over how much David and I have been blessed.  We have a home that we love, friends that just warm our hearts and make everything better, financial blessings even despite the set-backs, a wonderful ward and neighborhood.  We are appreciated at our jobs, we have wonderful family that I can't imagine being without (yes, that includes both sides!), and our relationship with each other is stronger than ever before. 

There are so many details that I could go into but I don't have the kind of time and you aren't really interested in reading a book right now.  But my heart is overflowing with gratitude for everything with we have been blessed with, even the trials.  Life certainly doesn't turn out the way we all plan and David and I both didn't think we would be childless for so long.  But looking back at this journey, there are silver linings every step of the way. Most especially in the people that we know and have been blessed to be able to associate with.  The Lord truly does have a plan for us and he blesses us every way he can.

Thank you all for being such wonderful people.  For blessing our lives so much by just being yourselves.  You are our best Christmas gifts. 


  1. Aw :) Love you Lora. Glad you can see the abundance in our lives. So much easier to see looking back though isn't it? In the moment it is SO easy to get distracted by our trials. I'm indeed grateful for good friends. It makes living in Logan bearable. It was so hard to leave Cedar and our friends and comfort but we were quickly blessed with great associations up here. Happy New Years---wonder what this year's word will be??? Family would be a good one.

  2. It's a great word. One that I'm glad I focused on!

  3. We love you guys.... we feel so blessed to have you for neighbors and friends :) Hope you had a great Christmas

  4. thank you for being the best daughter ever!