Monday, October 24, 2011

Constant Vigilance!!

Let's talk about some things that I have learned during this whole pregnancy experience.  Things that many many many of you already know, but since this is my first time and I'm fairly fascinated by everything... well, you're just gonna have to bear with me.

1.  I think it's the coolest thing since sliced bread when my little guys starts moving around.  I am almost spellbound at times.  I'm pretty sure it's the single most cool thing about pregnancy.  The weight gain, sickness, sleeplessness, etc.  Yeah.  I can do without those.  But movement.  That's just cool.

2.  Speaking of sickness.  I have learned that no matter how good you think you feel, don't stop taking that little yellow pill that really does help whether you think so or not.  You see, yesterday I got all busy and spacey and forgot to take said pill at all.  Usually I take two.  Yesterday I took none.  This morning I paid the price.  Rather than the busy and fruitful plan A day, it's turned into a plan B day which is take it easy and stay close to the bathroom.  Yes my friends, the yellow pill really does work.  Constant vigilance.

3.  A baby belly is liberating and should be enjoyed... at least for awhile.  As I went to the gym that one time last week, I looked around at all the skinny little things there working out and for once I didn't feel less than.  Sure you may be tanned and toned and fit and skinny... but I have a baby!  Booyeah! (Okay, I have no idea how to spell it but that's the feeling.)  I can be proud of my belly instead of hiding it from prying eyes.  It's quite nice to hit that point of "obviously pregnant" instead of "is it just me or does she seriously need to lay off the fried foods".

4.  Not all French Fries are created equal.  Sometimes I crave them.  In order to save some money we purchased a bag of frozen French fries.  I am here to tell you that unless you plan on deep frying those babies (which we never do) then it's a waste of time. Always go for the real deal.  Center Street Grill has some good fries by the way.  So does the Marketplace on campus.  Oh how I love meeting days when I get fed at work.

I'm sure if I thought about it there would be more profound lessons and such, but let's face it, you're lucky to have gotten this at all!  Apparently the porcelain gods have a way of focusing my attention.  Here's to plan B my friends, may your day be spectacular!


  1. Movement is awesome. I can't wait 'til I finally feel something.

    Amen to the last sentence of #3!!

    MMMMMM....I want fries.

  2. I want fries too, almost all the time. They're really one of the safest foods! ha! How are you feeling by the way?

  3. For the most part, great. I still get the occasional evening sickness but it's not nearly as bad. Plus, I'm starting to cook again. Yeah!

  4. Yeah for cooking! Mostly yeah for feeling better. It's amazing how much the family appreciates you when you're down and out for awhile.

  5. Movement never gets old. Its the only thing I miss about pregancy, that amazement that there really is a little life in there wiggling around.

  6. Not all ice is created equal either. At least that's what Charlie taught me. Sorry you had to learn about the beauty of the pills first hand but yes- they are magic- and yes you must ALWAYS take them.

    Movement is also magic- and kinda weird for me. There is a separate being with his own personality and thoughts and ideas swimming around (playing Wallyball or something) Mind blowing really.

    Looking forward to seeing you and your prego belly-- though I promise to not touch... that always weirded me out when people would randomly come up and touch me. Uh- hello- yeah still MY body.

  7. LOVE the movement :) NEVER gets old :) I have craved fries like crazy too. I find that interesting that you and Camille have had that same craving. Must be something in their yummy friedness :)

  8. Something about starch and salt helps my stomach in pregnancy too, epsecially those first few months.