Friday, October 21, 2011

Stream of Conciousness

I can't put things together in my head.  I sit down to write and well... it's not pretty.  Nothing comes together.  So today you get random.  It's all I can give.

1.  I was introduced to Twizlberry yesterday and I'm pretty sure the baby is going to be craving it a lot.

2.  It's my job to take care of my baby so I really can't deny him can I.

3.  I love people who set a good example, especially in leadership positions... like those who are leading the youth, particularly the young women.  (more on that later if I can concentrate long enough to put things into words.)

4.  I went to the gym today.

5.  I did not die.

6.  Of course I didn't try very hard and I read a book the entire time.

7.  I really enjoyed it.  I might even try again sometime.

8.  This week has been all over the place.  Mostly because my dad has been in the hospital.

9.  The last three days turned out to be for nothing which kind of stinks because he was going a bit stir crazy.

10. However kudos to Logan Regional because they took the last three days off the bill.  I think that's pretty cool myself.

11.  Yesterday we had a pizza party in my dad's room and my brother and his "clan" came and we ended up having a rather rowdy bout of  surgical glove balloon volleyball.

12.  And my nephew kept hitting the call button for the nurse.

13.  I'm not sure what the hospital staff thought of all of us, but we still had fun.

14.  11 people in a hospital room is rather crowded.

15.  Dad is doing okay though. Has an appointment in Ogden on Monday with a heart rhythm specialist.  That's good news.

16.  I like potatoes.

17.  It's a good things cause I get them for free.

18.  I wonder if the baby will like chocolate when he's out of the womb cause I don't think he likes it now.

19.  Did I mention Twizlberry?

20.  Would it be bad to have that and only that for lunch?

21.  I did go to the gym after all.

Have a lovely weekend ya'll.  Perhaps you'll even hear from me again before another two weeks goes by!


  1. I'm so glad he's finally able to get to his appointment! Such good news. And glad you were all able to play around and have fun.


    I've never twizlberry'd. I may have to fix that.

  2. My brain is TOTALLY working like this right now too... I'm struggling to blog, because my brain keeps short circuiting :) Some of that may be because the Dr. put me back on Progesterone (Do you feel my pain on that? :)

  3. Shari NOOOOOOO! I'm so sorry about the progesterone! What we do for children huh! hang in there my friend.

    Tawnya: yeah, we're totally gonna have to fix that twizlberry thing. On Thursday's it's buy one get one free. Perfect day to try it out :)

  4. So is it a HE then??

    I don't know what Twizlberry is, but it sounds good. I think you should have that and only that for lunch every day.

  5. It is a HE. I just kind of forget what I've posted where! You know because I've been blogging so much. :)

    Twizlberry is a frozen yogurt place where you serve yourself and put your own toppings on it... and I love it.