Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas... gone?

I feel a bit torn this time of year.  I have so completely and thoroughly enjoyed this Christmas season that I can hardly believe it's coming to an end.  So much so that I might be fighting it just a little bit.

I understand the reclaiming of the living room, the getting back to usual and comfortable routines.  The getting back to "normal".  This year though, I'm not so sure I want "normal" back yet.

Did you know that the United States is about one of the only places that ties the Christmas season with the shopping season?  It's true.  In countries throughout the world the 12 Days of Christmas actually start on Christmas Day.  The celebration lasts till January 5th or 6th depending on when you choose to end it.  You can check out your friendly Wikipedia page under "12 Days of Christmas" for all the details.  It's a bit baffling but I find that I really like the principle.  It may be because I didn't get all the people visited that I wanted to.  Or the fact that my Christmas card ambition that started in October didn't come full circle and actually get delivered.  But mostly it's because I'm just not ready for all of the Christmas songs to go away.  I'm not ready for the lights to come down and be plunged unceremoniously into the January blahs.  I want to keep the lights that break up these dark days.  I want to continue to feel that "Christmas Spirit" that goes away all too quickly.

So yeah.  I'm the crazy person that will keep the tree up until sometime in January.  You will continue to hear Christmas songs on my playlist, though not as many.  I will still have Christmas on my mind, whether sharing the stories of this year or planning for the Christmas Season of next year.  And for the record, I'm going to try really hard next year not to let the commercialism of the shopping season determine how I will celebrate the birth of our Savior.

May peace on earth, good will to men last a little longer this coming year.


  1. I think it's ok to be that person.

    If your lights are still up at Easter, then we'll talk...

  2. i am so totally with you. I did get the rest of my christmas decor down, but my tree will stay up, because it can and I want it to! January does get long and boring, so why not keep it up for a part of that month?! And as for Christmas music, i think that has been the hardest for me...not hearing it on the radio anymore. nope, don't like it AT ALL!.

    Hope you are feeling good! It is coming closer to when he is coming! YAY YAY for you guys!

  3. We left ours up until Tuesday...that's a long time for us! ;)

    I cannot wait to see what your Christmas next year looks like. So excited!

  4. Thanks Shaz! If they are still up till Easter you are more than welcome to intervene! I do have my limits!

    Kristin, feeling pretty darn good! And yes, only 6 more weeks! I'm juts a little excited!

  5. Tawnya, took all my self control not to get a little baby stocking this year in anticipation. Talked myself down though. :)

  6. Ha! You'll probably be GIVEN about 12 of them next year! Little Thor is going to be mighty spoiled...

  7. I will seriously laugh out loud everytime I think of calling him Thor!

  8. It has a certain something to it, don't ya think? Sharon does have a knack for naming the kidlets...

  9. If my living room wasn't so small and I didn't need room for my new/used elliptical in it's place, my tree would stay up a couple weeks too. January needs some kind of holiday to brighten it up and distract from the blahs.