Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Notice there was no re-cap of photos from last week?  That's because all I could think to take pictures of were things like stuffed sausages (which would represent my legs, feet, ankles-that-used-to-be, and toes), pregnant cows (the kind that are so very pregnant you wonder how they are still standing) because I can totally identify with those poor creatures, and empty dishes (because that would represent my brain most of the time).  So.  I didn't.  I'm sure you get the picture though.

Some thoughts. 

I am now coming to a true understanding of "I'll do anything to get this kid out of me".  I had some vague idea of it before, but now... well.  Now.  I'm considering taking up jogging... like tonight as the snow comes down and the lights fail to shine on my path.  Maybe a little kickboxing?  Perhaps using jalapenos as after dinner mints.

I went to the doctor today.  No change.  Rescheduled for next week.  I honestly have to wonder why.  I have had several of these "no change" appointments.  What happens if there is a change?  Does he just tell me "well look at that, there's been a change.  Since you're not in labour go home and I'll see you next week."  Which leads me to think "Why am I going through this kind of torture?  The answer will always be 'no change' until there's definitely change.  So why not just wait till the water breaks or those contractions keep on contracting, which are both definite change?  If that's the change I'm looking for then I really don't need a doctor to tell me when it's not changing right?  Am I right?"  I'm probably not right.  But it feels good to put it out there anyways.  Maybe it will tempt the fates.

Speaking of tempting the fates. In light of recent "no change" status I went ahead and scheduled work meetings right up until the day I'm due and even thought about scheduling some on the day I am due.  If that doesn't tempt things I just don't know what will!

I kind of want to take all my measurements right now just so by this time next year I can say "Wow! look how much weight I've lost! And look how many inches I have taken off of my ankles!  My sandals fit so beautifully!"  And then I'll treat myself to a pedicure... and gelato.

Never fear dear friends, all is not lost though.  I may still be carrying this little guy kicking and screaming (he's kicking, I'm screaming) but I have been busy.  Never has my pocket book seen so many transactions at the D.I.  Shelving has taken on a new life.  Paint spatters are on the back porch.  Things are indeed hanging on my walls.  Yes. The crafty part of me seems to have taken over.  I wish I could direct it a little more though since that quilt I started a year and a half ago is still waiting that final strip of fabric and the scarf that would probably be finished in an hour, tops, is still sitting on the shelf.

Here's to life my friends!  Glad to have it, mostly glad to carry it!  And looking forward to getting out of it!  Ha ha!  May your week be fruitful... or at least filled with chocolate.


  1. You're not wrong. Not at all. They ARE a waste of time...

    Um...I mean...totally worth it! Keep it up!

  2. Love those appts lol. Better safe than sorry. Let that boy cook! You still have a week :) I know it SUCKS, but cooking is healthy ;) I can't wait to hear your delivery story lol. And see pictures of him!