Monday, February 27, 2012

A few things.

1.  Today while I was changing Benjamin's diaper I thought "huh, this whole time I've been changing his diaper he hasn't once done the classic boy trick of peeing as soon as the diaper is off... my boy has such control!"  And then he peed all over!  I laughed.  He was relieved.  Blankets, clothes, changing pad... all in the wash.  Apparently he was waiting till he was completely full to make his debut.

2.  When David and I checked into the hospital to get things started, I had a little bit of a freak out when I had to sign papers for Benjamin in the "parent/legal guardian" section.  And then to put relationship to patient as "Mother" almost did me in.

3.  David had to pick up a prescription for the little guy and did the same thing at the pharmacy.

4.  The whole sleepless nights thing is really starting to hit. 

5.  All I want to eat is chocolate chip cookies.

6.  The hospital staff stressed how important it is to stay away from sugar while breastfeeding.

7.  I may be doomed.

8.  I put on regular underwear. :)  Not so much regular pants, but we're taking it one step at a time.

9.  I had a whole afternoon yesterday when I thought Benjamin was starting to resent me.  It freaked me out.  But then my husband reminded me of #4 on this list.  We went to bed early that night.

10.  Both feet, 1 1/2 ankles, and one leg are still hanging on to the swollen/cankle stage.  Riddle me that Batman.  I'd post a picture but it's kind of disgusting.

Here's a better picture anyway.  1 week old today!


  1. Interesting about the sugar thing...let me tell you a little secret---as long as you eat it in moderation you should be fine. Why did they say no sugar? I ate what I wanted just like I did when I was pregnant. If you start to limit alot of different things I think you will end up with a picky eater. Just my opinion though! Congrats on the 1 week thing! :D Oh and the whole going to bed early thing is nice! :D I learned I had to do it to stay sane although I felt like it put me in the "old married couples" stage. LOL! Now Hayden is sleeping through the whole night and I can go to bed at the same time every night and get decent sleep (aka 10 pm). Good luck! :D Oh and one more thing---the whole cankles thing...just as long as you are eating right, drinking water like a horse, doing a little walking and getting as much sleep as you can you will lose them---it just takes time. Think it took time for them to become cankles it is going to take time for them to disappear! :D

  2. I actually don't remember on the sugar thing. I have been ignoring it though! Just feeling a little guilty. Not enough to change it though. And I am eating pretty healthy... just craving cookies! Probably because I didn't really like sweets all that much during pregnancy. It's coming back with a vengence!

    And the cankles are starting to go away, thank goodness! I just thought it was funny that one leg is fine and the other isn't. Looks like I have a fake foot on it!

  3. You can't have sugar when you breastfeed? Huh. I may have dodged a bullet...

    And, well, yeah. The "mother" thing. It still gets me!

    The water will start to pour. I swear! It happened for me at home, so I know it was longer than a week after birth. Sorry. I know how much you hate them!

  4. And can I no longer subscribe to comments (because, clearly, that's what you care about...). If not, blergh!

  5. :) All i want to do is be able to put on my shoes.. too much to ask for? Just kidding. Really they just make me laugh now and since one leg is "normal" I know the other is sure to follow. It just looks so funny!

    And the breastfeeding thing... I'm pretty sure it is the same people saying to be sure to eat lots of broccoli while pregnant...and 5000 servings of fruits and veggies so that everyone is healthy. Or you know, whatever you can keep down.

  6. I'll take a look. Blogger changed and didn't let me know! I'll see what I can figure out.

  7. Yes. Those people didn't like my Apple Jacks box a day habit, either. Meh!


  8. #2 & #3 are trippy that first time. :) My ankles the first time didn't go down for two weeks, and that was with daily massages from Adam to help push the fluid out of my feet. Kind of gross, but it really did help.

    One thing I only recently found out; pitocin makes you retain water. And if they were going to give you an epidural, they probably had you on an iv drip as well, so yeah, pretty much doomed as far as fluid retention goes. Throw in some pre-eclampsia and the picture gets even worse.

    Anyway, keep those feet up and bring on the massage. :)

  9. Sunny you give me hope! The doctor's said it would be about 11 days, but there was no explanation as to why it must continue. Pit drip, IV, makes perfect sense! I'll be patient a bit more. But oh how I miss my shoes!

  10. I remember all too well filling out the birth certificate for Marie and thinking that we were responsible for a NEW LIFE in this world! It was weird!

    keep up with the nursing. So so so worth it! Eat cookies...yum. agree with the moderation comment.

    Catnap when he sleeps. Other things can wait!!

    He is a doll!! So much fun!

  11. Remember your blood volume increases by 50% to support the pregnancy. (Over 9 6 weeks is reasonable to get rid of the fluid). And your bones grow too after the first one (my ring size and shoe size both increased after Marie but not Nevan). That is so your bones could expand to push out a baby. Kind of cool!! Just expect your body and life will never be the same again! And it's so worth it!!

  12. Oh the sleepless nights.... There are SO many times I cry because I think they don't love me as much as a single baby would (because I have to have help feeding and taking care of them), and Adam sends me to bed too :) I would LOVE to have one night uninterrupted, but really I would probably wake up missing these little tikes :)
    I had a nurse in the hospital tell me to take a couple days and put my feet up REALLY high with blankets etc. It didn't even take that long. Adam made me lie down for a couple hours after we had been in the NICU one day and it took the swelling down almost completely. The next night I did it again and the swelling was ALL gone. Maybe that will help (I had the IV too because of the C section, so I had retained a lot of water too.... Oh AND the pre-eclampsia didn't help anything:)

  13. Tawnya is right, you will one day find water pouring from every pore in your body. I remember the day is happened, after having Porter. It was gross but amazing at the same time and all of a sudden I had ankles again!!

  14. all i want is oreos. all oreos, all the time.