Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Some Observations on This Whole Thing

This whole thing being the motherhood thing, and I guess other random things as well.  Some were anticipated, some... well, were not.

1.  I completely underestimated the sheer amount of laundry that this little guy would bring into the house. Piles and piles of soft fluffy fabrics and itty bitty confetti-like socks.  All doused in some bodily fluid or another.  Good thing nothing stinks yet!

2. I'm pretty sure the only reason it snowed last week was because I could finally put on regular shoes.  That's right my friends, the ankles are back with a vengeance!  The day they were not swollen I was surprised at how delicate they looked!  Which means they were swollen for a really really really long time.

3.  I've finally accepted the fact that my schedule is run by my son regardless of what is on my agenda for the day.  I can merely try.  I am becoming comfortable with failure.

4.  David is much better at putting Benjamin to sleep than I am.  I think it's his voice.  Or the fact that by the end of the day my patience is severely depleted.

5.  I'm so glad that we have 11 am church.  9 would probably rendered me inactive.

6.  My brain is only performing at a fraction of it's capabilities.  I feel that I must apologize to lots of people for having AADD in the middle of a conversation.

7.  Sometimes Ben giggles in his sleep.  Yes, giggles.  And he occasionally smiles.  A real one.  I don't think he knows he's doing it, but it is definitely a smile.  It even lasts awhile.

That is all.  Oh, and yesterday was the two week mark.  Seems like a lot longer than that!  He's already taken up wrestling though.  However, the bear just might win this one.  Happy Tuesday everyone. 


  1. I Love the sleep giggles! Those are the 'just wait' kind of moments. Just wait until he grins at you and you know he knows he's doing it. :) Your heart will flip flop.

  2. 7. I'm so happy I was on the receiving end of those smile / sleep giggles today! Did my heart good...

  3. 2) I thought the SAME thing about my ankles :) I kept looking at them and thinking they were the most GORGEOUS ankles in the world :)

    7) LOVE the sleep smiles/giggles :) It always cracks me up and leaves me happy after another crazy feeding :)

  4. ....even if it does mean a lot of laundry! ;)

  5. Seriously. Why didn't someone tell me before that I spelled "Some" wrong in the title! My husband pointed it out last night. I guess that goes along with "mother brain".