Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More Random Observations on This Whole Thing

1.  I'm pretty sure there are a few outfits that David has never seen on our child, but that he has worn.  David doesn't get to see them because they don't quite last the day.  When the child decides to spit up... he goes for the gold.  10 for sheer volume, and a 8.5 on style.  It's pretty casual but could draw the attention more.  He just looks at you, and then out of the corner of his mouth, it all comes out... down his shirt and working it's way to the back.  Ensuring maximum soakage.

2.  I love that David takes all of this seriously.  So much that I find him humming lullabies around the house even when he doesn't have the child in his arms.  My favorite was when he was swaying back and forth while reading the scriptures to me (I was nursing at the time).  Oh how those habits get into you!

3.  I absolutely hate daylight savings time.  I know, I should move to Arizona. Apparently I don't like to sweat either.

4.  Mornings are precious.  They are the perfect time to get things done because my child sleeps.  Now if I could actually get up in the morning and get said things done... well that would be amazing!

5.  I'm actually reading on my Nook again!  In case this doesn't sound as amazing as it should, I did read a lot on my Nook when I was really stinkin' sick.  So much that after I got to feeling better I couldn't even look at it because it just brought all those trips to the toilet gods back.  Bleck!  But, miracle of all miracles, I'm reading on it again.  And I enjoy it.  Life is good my friends.

6.  And the book that I'm reading on said Nook is called The Book Thief.  It was a Book Club choice last year that I never got around to reading.  I am thoroughly enjoying it!  It's set during WWII in Germany and I had no idea that I would be completely captivated by it.  I want to hurry and finish it but at the same time I'll be sad cause then it's done.  Don't you love it when books become good friends instead of just words.

7.  My baby is 3 weeks old.  He's weighing in a 8 lbs 13 oz and 21 inches tall.  There are so many newborn outfits that never even had a chance.  The doctor said that he should start smiling and meaning it anytime now.  I can see the desire in his eyes, slowly working its way towards the mouth.

Happy Tuesday everyone.  I'm off to try and get a little more into that magic morning slot of time... like laundry.


  1. I love your posts Lora! You have such an elegant way of summing up life. We are so excited for you guys. It is funny I still find myself rocking from side to side in all my church meetings even though I have no child. ha ha Keep your posts coming. I love your posts on the everyday. If you don't write those moments down it is funny how easily you forget.

  2. I may or may not have been swaying in my seat while reading this.

  3. Our newborn clothes have been like that too. I have not bought any this time, but watch this one be tiny just because of it, lol. I love to watch people in the row behind a mother start swaying in church. :)

  4. eeek! did i tell you about the book thief?? i should have, because i loved it. LOVED. and i cried at the end. so there you go. also, violet did a sprinkler spit up thing today. she got both her shoulders and all of her front in between including the car seat straps. yummy :)

  5. Some days we're really hard on clothes around here too (either with spit up or diaper accidents :) Zach literally VOMITS sometimes if we don't get all the burps out of him, so I regularly go through outfits as well :)
    I'm a little jealous your little one is already in the high 8's for weight... At least they're now in the mid 7's :)

  6. I remember the spit up..... oh man! Just when you get them dressed and ready to go out the door.....

    I really want to read the Book Thief, my Mom said she really liked it too.

    I also HATE day light savings...

    the end. :)

    PS You ROCK!!