Saturday, March 24, 2012



Everything is loud in the morning 
The smallest wimper
The lightest breath
The ticking of the clock
The slight snore coming across the pillow

Even my thoughts are loud

It's all loud because the morning is when I'm the most tired
The morning is what comes after a long night of little sleep
It's all loud because I'm trying to sneak in a few more quality minutes of blissful slumber
It doesn't happen often
The slumber part

But I can continue trying

This post brought to you by the gypsy mama who posts a 5-minute Friday prompt.  Since I rarely am on time with anything, you just get what you get.


  1. I TOTALLY feel your pain!!! Completely. Just keep swaddling, pacifier, and a loud fan!!!

  2. Hang in there.

    Love to you.

    And sleep too :)

  3. And this is why Zach slept in his own room with a humidifier and radio, and we had our own humidifier. It would drown out the little whimpers and let me sleep, but I would for sure still hear him when he was really crying.

  4. I'm trying to send SLEEP vibes across the way to you!!! :) ((HUGS)) This too, shall pass :) I know it doesn't feel that way, but it will.