Wednesday, October 1, 2008

No... really?!

K, so there are really two things that I have to share today just because. Let me assure you that they are of no real value and more of an indulgence than anything.

First. Once upon a time ago I was walking through the 3rd floor of Old Main just outside the History department. They were trying to earn money by selling donated books for a buck. Well, what bibliophile would pass by books for a buck without even looking. Not I. So, upon perusal, I chose 4 books, one of which was being hailed on the back cover of this 1965 masterpiece as "It may be the best spy story anyone has ever read." There were also such words as "dazzling and compelling" along with "penetrating novel of our time". How could I possibly resist! I purchased The Spy Who Came in From the Cold by John le Carre. I have since finished it, and it was indeed compelling and cold. I'd have to leave out the dazzling though.

The second bit of info that I have to share was actually inspired by the drive home. I was coming back from work and cruising through the radio stations (I hate commercials and therefore surf my way home) when this song came on. "Without You" by Motley Crue. Now the title of this blog makes perfect sense! This song is not the best or greatest or most profound in any sense of any word, but it did take me back... to high school. For better or for worse. I was immediately reminded of my sophomore year, most of which I spent grounded. "Why?" you ask. Simple. It was because of my first boyfriend. He lived in Soda Springs and his name was Ed. Again, the title fits perfectly. But wait, it gets better. Ed was on house arrest and I would go to Soda during the basketball games and spend it on his porch freezing my tush off because he didn't want to go into the house. I'm sorry, did I say house? I meant trailer, silly me. Since I was "in love" I would routinely stay on the porch longer than necessary, thus breaking curfew and get myself grounded. I tell ya! The things you do for love.

Yeah, when I put it this way it really does sound like a sad commentary on my high school years. You should almost feel sorry for me. Or perhaps it's an inspiring story... you really can change your stars. Let me emphasize that this was my sophomore year. I refer to it mainly as my dark year... I was enlightened later on in my high school career, broke up with Ed, and made it a fair amount of time without being grounded.

So, for your enjoyment (or pain) I give to you "Without You" by Motley Crue. I might also add that at one point in time I thought these guys were hot!! I am soooo glad that I snapped out of that. And for the record, Ed and I used to each have half of a pair of heart earrings that said "together forever". I forget which half I had the together or the forever. Again, the title. Can't help but wonder what happened to that guy.


  1. I love this song... and that's too funny, I remember your Ed days... At least yours was your sophmore year of high school, not when you were 25 ;)

  2. That was simply quite possibly the best story ever.

    Never understood the Motley Crue myself, though...

  3. (and just go ahead and stick an "and" between simply and quite and throw in commas as you see fit. Sick toddler = can't type. obviously.)

  4. My Oh MY... Those memories of the good old high school days just came flooding back.... I loved your blog!! I had no idea that you were grounded that much. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Oh the things that we did in the name of love...

  5. Oh I love it, I got a really good laugh out of this one! The earring, how special, do you still have it? hee hee hee Oh silly things we do for "love" whatever we thought it was back then-huh?