Monday, June 28, 2010

Got the Time?

Do any of you remember that Anthrax song "Got the Time"?  My high school friend Tonya and I used to have the words memorized.  It's a pretty catchy tune and has a tendency to make me move/drive fast.  I find it pretty appropriate for the moment.

I was reading in the June Ensign today and there is an article entitled "Don't Be in a Hurry".  It talks about all things being in commotion and men's hearts failing them.  Things that we've heard for awhile now.  So often in fact that it's easy to push it away as same old stuff.  But there was something that stuck out to me.  President Spencer W. Kimball said that "we will move faster if we hurry less."

That got me thinking about all the things that I hurry through.  Rush to get up, rush to work, rush through the day to come home and rush through the activities at night so I go to bed and rush through everything again. 

The articles says "Undistracted by other gods, we trust the Lord to help us allocate our time and talent to their very best uses each day.  As a result, we do more good and we make real progress."  Is that what it means to hurry less and move faster?  We actually move, make real progress rather than spin our wheels doing things that don't really get us anywhere.

There was another article about good uses of the Internet and where to beware.  I was a bit pricked in the heart as I remembered how many episodes of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" I watched last week.  Don't get me wrong one or two isn't bad, it was the 4 episode streak in one sitting.   My justification was that I was watching it as I made cupcakes to take to the neighbors... only by the time the 4th episode was over it was too late to take them to the neighbors.

I don't entirely know where I am going with this.  I just know that I want to make better choices.  I want to have a balanced life and it's so easy for me to get distracted from that goal.  Even as I sat down to write this post and share what I've learned, I caught myself blog surfing.  I had to consciously tell myself to knock it off or I'd miss my window.  Rush through this, rush through that, then waste incredible amounts of time surfing cooking blogs or watching things on Netflix. Seriously, where are my priorities.  Not that those things are bad but kind of soul sucking if not kept in moderation.

Anyway, that's what's on my mind.  How 'bout yours?


  1. The same thing. Don and I just read those articles last week. Made me want to change lots of things in my life. The technology thing is a killer for me. I think it's all about quality and not quantity when using the Internet.

    I think you should post on FB asking if anyone knows a girl that is pregnant and isn't going to keep her baby :)

  2. There's lots of things we need to do with that. We're headed for another round of doctors in two weeks. Time to step things up in both areas. One way or another we're going to get a child!

  3. I would watch 4 episodes of Buffy at a time if I could, but I usually fall asleep about 15 minutes into the second one.

    What's on my mind? I'm leaving on a trip in two days that I am completely unprepared for, and yet here I am on the computer.


    What were we talking about again?