Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Out with the old

SO, some of you already know this story but I would hate to keep it from the rest of the world because of it's awesomeness.  (I hope you can sense my sarcasm on that one.)

So, new house, not so new stove, but workable.  I have been using the stove top quite a bit and though not ideal, it works.  Keep in mind that I came from an apartment where a lovely double oven with a smooth stove top was in residence and I loved it.  Upon moving I knew I would miss it even more than the garage.  But alas, it wasn't mine so on to things I own.

K, so stove top good.  How about that oven part?  Last Wednesday I decided to give it a try.  I am always apprehensive about unfamiliar ovens.  More often than not they run warmer than the desired temperature and my first adventure with a new-to-me oven ends up with something smoking or charred.  So I made a lovely pasta dish that needs a mere twenty minute bake to finish off it's goodness.  I pre-heat the oven and halfway through warm-up a smell assaults my senses.  It's got an ammonia hint to it and I figure it must be oven cleaner burning off.  I open the oven, no smell only heat.  Hmm.  Smell gets worse.  Inside still fine.  Decide to go ahead and bake anyways.

5 minutes into the 20 minute bake time my eyes start to burn and the windows go open.  2 more minutes and the patio door is open and a candle is lit to help with the smell.  Still, not coming from the inside of the oven so at least my dinner is safe.  Bake time ends, oven goes off, smell subsides but windows stay open to get the rest of the ickyness out.  I feel it okay to share that the smell could only be referred to as ammonia with a strong undertone of urine.  (I know, some of you just dry-heaved.)  Oven off, Lora calls David and vows to never use again until source of foul smell is determined and annihilated.

Saturday.  First on the list of chores is find out what the deal is with the oven.  Pull it out from the wall, no obvious anything.  Quite clean in fact.

Next step, take back paneling off to check out the insulation.  Top part of panel comes off and what before my wondering eyes should appear but unsightly mounds of mouse turds so clear.  EWWWWWW!  Vaccuum retrieved and used before side panel removal is attempted.  Side panel is pulled slightly away and leaves, grass, and other foilage among other things spill forth.  We have looked enough to know that there is no way in h#11 that that stove will be spending any more time in our house.

So, out with the old and, after a flying trip around Cache Valley's appliance stores, in with the new.  I now have a brand new stove that is almost exactly like that one that was left behind.  With the extra added feature of a warming spot and a very large burner that can be converted into a medium size burner with the flip of a switch... well, I'm pretty happy.

Let the baking begin.


  1. GROSS! but congrats on the new stove! don wants a gas one. i told him in 10 years or more!

    you don't have a garage?!

    do you have your recipes typed in Word?

  2. i forgot to check the checkbox, so i have to make another comment so i'll get your response ;)

  3. there is a chance that I've never heard anything that gross in my entire life. glad you got a new, verminless stove!

  4. I'm glad the story ended with a new stove so I can actually EAT at your house again...

  5. Brenda: no garage, but carport and plans for building on. Some recipes in word but most I have been pulling off the internet and printing. Mindika moments is my favorite recipe blog.

    Shaz: yeah. I grew up on a farm and well...yeah. ick.

    Tawnya: the thoughts that i went that long with the thing in my house is enough to make we want to go home and sanitize all over again! (i just shuddered involuntarily there) aren't you glad it had a happy ending!

  6. but i seem to remember you making yummy things when we were roommies...

  7. Leaves, grass, foliage, mouse turds, other things...Did someone rescue this stove from the dump? I am afraid. I am very afraid.

    Um, did you eat the pasta? Nevermind. Don't tell me.

    Congrats on the new stove!

  8. ...unless thou cast it at the poo-filled stove.

  9. blech! I totally would agree with you. I am looking at the same oven! we've had our eye on it for about a year. Waiting for medical bills, etc and we'll join your delight in a new oven! Though, we never went through the mouse turd stage (thank goodness)

  10. if you still love your oven by the time i get a new one then i'll just buy the same