Thursday, April 21, 2011

Let's give it up for...

1.  Great friends who make me laugh, who share stories, and bring chocolate!

2.  The sunshine that was yesterday but apparently is not today!

3.  Attempting to dye Easter eggs with ties and partially succeeding!

4.  Being so behind in my google reader account that the current number of "unread" is 167!

5.  Ending everything with an exclamation point!

6.  Wanting to say something profound but only able to come up with this dumb list!

7.  Why do I feel like I'm shouting everything?!

8.  Dinner last night at 9:45 pm because that's just how the day went!

9.  My first attempt at using a microwave rice cooker failing!

10.  Evidence of failed attempt!

11.  And last but not least, a husband who still likes me even when the kitchen is a mess, dinner is late and he had to sew on his own patches for his Scout shirt!

Today will be better... I hope.
(At least I don't have the energy to shout anymore.)


  1. Just read mine and delete the rest. I kid!

    I'm exhausted just reading your exclamation points. I don't think I could do a whole post with one. But I still may try... (I mean!)

  2. When my Google Reader gets that full, I just say "mark all as read" and start fresh :) I'm bad. That usually only happens when I go on vacation though!

  3. Lora, it must be in the water! It's contagious, I'm sorry... I have an exclamation point thing! You know when I read other blogs that use them a lot it does feel a bit like they are shouting... I must stop this! tomorrow.

    The eggs were AWESOME and you are AWESOME and the rice is AWESOME...

    :) that is all. (HUG) to my coolest neighbor ever in the whole entire universe.

    Now that we will have a family room in the not-so-distant future, I would like to have you come over and eat chocolate with me. No knitting required.

  4. I went home all warm and fuzzy Tuesday night from our shenanigans, and then I cried a little.... The.Best.Friends.Ever. and we'll now be a state apart.... Don't want to be a downer, just wanted to say I LOVE you guys :)
    (exclamation points and all!)

  5. My google reader currently says I have 467 unread.


  6. You all rock you know that. Just sayin'. And I'm up for chocolate anytime anywhere. And Shari, now we just have another reason to escape to someplace warm during the winter... I definitely see a Nevada Book Club in the future.
    Shaz, that totally makes me feel special that you read mine... you know out of all 467! :)

  7. You have to prioritize the important things in life...

  8. Nevada book club would be AWESOME! A whole new area of restaurants to get thrown out of :)