Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Want...

Yesterday I had meetings at work.  I was headed up a bit early so I could be good and prepared but then something happened.  I look up into the mouth of the canyon and it called to me.  I made all the wrong turns to get to work and headed for Logan Canyon instead.  I haven't been up the canyon at all this year and I didn't know how much I missed it.  I rolled down the windows, turned off the radio and took a drive.

It brought back so many memories.  There was a time when I spent at least two days a week somewhere in the canyon.  Hiking the trails, finding a quiet spot by the river, letting the cold water wash over my feet.  It made me want it back again.  I find myself yearning to have those times back again.

So right now, this is what I want.

* I want to start a campfire in the canyon by the river and roast hot dogs and smores.  Even if I don't eat them I still want to do it.  And I want to be surrounded by friends when I do it, and play stupid games and talk about stupid things and just enjoy the carefree relaxedness of it all.

*  I want to float the Snake River again in my life.  Oh how I wish I could now.  The freedom of being on the river with one foot in the water, an oar in hand, surrounded by carefree friends.  Sun shining, laughter in the air, the excitement and thrill of the rapids coming up.  Oh I really want that back.

*  I want to play in the water at Bear Lake, lathered with sunscreen and playing with some kind of silly floating toy.  I want to eat sandwiches after I brush off the sand from my fingers.  I want to drink a cold soda while reading a book and drying off on the beach.

*  I want to feel the cool air in the pine trees and hear them sway in the breeze.  I want to smell the pine scented air and hear the squirrels call to each other.  I want to pull my jacket a little closer and still enjoy the sun on my face.

*  I want to witness the rushing sounds of waterfalls and enjoy the majesty of the Tetons.  I want to look out the car window and see the bison.  I want to walk the trails and eat lunch at a quiet spot on the side of the road.  I want to put my feet in the river and let them cool off.

I can have these days again.  Sometimes I just forget that I really can.  What's holding me back?

What do you want?


  1. We want to picnic and smores it up at AT LEAST first dam. I think we should make your first point a reality. Soon.

  2. David and i were thinking on Monday evening... wanna come?

  3. Absolutely. Can you do without bug spray (I'm allergic)?

  4. I think we can manage that. We use Skin So Soft bug spray, not the same as OFF... still allergic?

  5. Sadly, yes. I think I still have a bottle of the essential oil stuff I can use kicking around, though.

    Let us know when and where and everything. And we have TONS of s'mores stuff in the cupboard begging to be used...

  6. Random comment hijack: we use lavender water- just a spray bottle with a few drops of lavender in it to keep bugs away. Have to reapply every now and again but smells better than a lot of them and safe for kiddos too.

    Sounds to me like you want all the beauties of summer.

    May I just say a hearty "ME TOO!"
    Camping is top on my list probably for the fact that a lot of those things can be contained in a camping trip. Waking up in the morning to COLD and having warm cocoa by the campfire... mmm. That sounds lovely to me.

  7. Oooh, I forgot about hot chocolate! mmmmmm.

  8. Oh, and I have lavendar oil too. I'll bring some and see what happens.

  9. I want to come. For all of it.

  10. I loved this post, Lora. There is something so relaxing and empowering about Logan Canyon. I love to spend time there.

    I hope we get back in time on Monday... what time are you thinking? :)

  11. I love Logan canyon and all of your wants sound lovely!

    Have you tried s'mores with Nutella? So good!

  12. we were just up Logan Canyon and I like you spent MANY hours up there alone, sitting/thinking alone on a rock, i would also go fishing every now and then alone. Oh the days.... i would sit and wonder where Mr right was and where my life was headed. And now I sit FAR FAR away from Logan Canyon, I have Mr Right and a little firecracker on my hands and I love it! But I miss the "simplicity" of those times, but I am so thankful to look back and realize how all of my prayers were answered. Anywhoo, random tangent.... there are things that change with a baby, but we quickly learned how to just bring him along--EVERYWHERE. We hardly go anywhere without Zach, and he is loving all that we love. WE just enjoyed a beautiful night at Sunrise Campground with the smell of pine trees and all of that.... LOVE It, and its an awesome part of summer! You will be able to do it again.. all of it, but your car will now be PACKED until its almost bursting with all the gear a baby needs! :) and you will wonder if its worth it, and it will be!

  13. That just took me on a lovely jaunt down memory lane. I don't know that I would be excited to do a lot of actual tent camping again, but I really cherish the memories. Porter always asks to go feed the ducks at the dam. We will have to get up there again soon.

  14. Sadly I missed when you posted this because we would totally have stormed your party. Nick is up for a fire about once a week. We go up to Green Canyon right now because 2nd damn is usually flooded.

    Usually Sundays if you ever wanna come.

  15. no worries Deb, we ended up not going. I didn't feel well and David was way behind with work... so. Oh well.