Thursday, July 14, 2011

If I Could Turn Back Time..

I'd be Sher.  Okay, not really.

If I could go back in time though, this is what I would do.

First I would go back to all of the expectant mother's that were a part of my life (work, school, church, etc.) and I would cook you meals that at least your husband could eat even if you couldn't.  I would give you more time off of work and find a way to make things work.  I would excuse you from good behavior and/or customer service.  I would call you brave and beautiful and noble no matter what.  I would let you discuss baby names.  I would have even gone to your baby showers.

Second, I would filled our deep freeze with casseroles that my husband could bring out and reheat since I'm just not cooking anymore.

Third, I would have deep cleaned my house before the last step of IVF.  Floor to ceiling with ammonia and vinegar and degreaser and carpet shampoo and whatever else was needed.  The windows would have been clean.  The scuffs on the stairs gone.

Fourth, as much as we love Oscar, I wouldn't have gotten him.  I would have pushed the guilt aside and said no instead of decided to experiment and see if we are cat people.  He's fun, he's spunky, he's a little purring fur ball... turns out we're just not ready for an animal in the house.  And it also turns out that he's practically bored to tears with us.  Does anyone know of a good home.  He's litter box trained and everything.

Fifth.  I would have bought stock in Tums.

Sixth. I would have gotten rid of all the Bath and Body Works lotion and went with something bland and odorless.  With the super-prego-smeller nose everything is too strong.

Seventh.  I would have finished my bedspread that I started last year.  That way I wouldn't hate the one I have so much.  Not that it's bad, I just am tired of it.

What would you do if you could turn back time?


  1. I would have taken the watch that the cute boy renting me a sea kayak on Bainbridge island offered me, then I would have had to see him again and I would have boldly asked him on a date. I also would have gone to the Radiohead concert with Roger since he was just starting to date that girl and I might've had a chance at some fun, instead of pining. Oh, and the casseroles would've been a good idea, too.

  2. It's these stupid things that you just can't foresee. Or you hear about them and think, eh...she's clearly a crazy prego. I'm sorry!

    Let me bring you dinner tonight. I will bring you whatever. I will bring YOU whatever sounds good and something totally different for David. It's out take out night, anyway...Please. Email and let me know what you want and it will appear. Also? Talk baby names all you want!

  3. J.B- I love you! i love your adventures, I love that you used to call yourself margaret. I would like to see that cute guy at Bainbridge Island.

    Katie- uh huh!

    Tawnya- thank you so much for the offer. David's going to be out on a scout camp tonight and arrangements have already been made for my welfare. :) I may hit you up on that again though. And thanks for the Aveeno tip.

  4. so are you the one who left the bath and body works, body lotion in the bathroom? If it makes you sick I can use it on my feet. Here's a pregnancy joke for you:
    Q -When will my baby start to move?
    A - If you're lucky by the time he/she is 30.

  5. I would have not ditched my married friends when I was still single! I would have taken care of other peoples kids way more often. And you think pregnant is hard. Wait til you have the kid hehe :)

  6. Chatted with your brother in law yesterday at church. He was SUPER excited to share the news that I already knew and was equally happy about! We talked about the fact that we both needed to see you! I shall be in touch to set up a visit! I am taking a few days off in the near future and maybe that can entail a visit to see you! Happy as can be for you and Dave! And I don't want to get started on all the things that I would do differently if I could go back, the list is far too long! I simply hope that I have learned something in it all!

  7. You are so funny! If I could take back time...I would go on more trips with the hubs! I love my kiddos, but I enjoy that time just the two of us. :)

  8. LOVE your list.

    Ahem, in no particular order... I'm sure there's 1000's more.

    I would have waited for Zeke to ask me to my Junior Prom and not jumped the gun and gone with his best friend... that took awhile for him to get over that one!

    I would have never yelled at my Father in Law.

    I would have never EVER EVER stopped going to church when I was 14.

    I would have dropped my inorganic chemistry class at Snow College that just happened to be at the same time as cheer-leading practice. I would have tried out for sure.

    I would have given Gabe a DANG binky during the first two months of his life regardless of what EVERYONE told me. It was two months of HELL.

    I would have waited to get married and turn in my mission papers...

    I would never EVER have sat in the same room with my friend when she showed me how to make a "homemade" Ouija board. Don't even ask!

    Wow, I could go on and on... I don't know if I've ever thought about turning back time.

    But one thing I am SO very glad I did right and would never change -- the day we met you and David and decided to take our house off the market. Best Choice Ever! love ya

  9. Lacy - whoever you are, I fully agree with the pacifier thing! Lora, USE it, even if you don't think they want it at first! And buy a SwaddleMe swaddle thing :)