Friday, May 11, 2012

5-Minute Friday: Identity


How I have identified myself keeps changing.  I used to keep a list of "who I am" around just so that when I forgot I could remember a bit more easily.  It said things like: woman, sister, runner, reader, piano-player, hiker, laugher, etc.  Sometime the list contained what was true, sometimes it was what I wished I could be, like pirate, or sky-diver.

I haven't done an identity list in quite awhile.  Is it odd that I'm a little scared to do it?  That perhaps all that has changed in my life has made me too much of a different person?  That perhaps some of the very things that I loved about myself have disappeared?

I used to love my independence.  My ability to be okay going out to a restaurant or a movie all by myself.  I liked to hike in the mountains alone with my thoughts.  There is still some of that in me, but the need for it has changed.  Alone used to be my saving grace.  The time to realign my thoughts, my priorities.  To make sense of the crazy that was happening or not happening in my life.


Now I'm not sure. I still like alone time, but I don't seem to need it as much as I used to.  I enjoy it thoroughly, but when it's the choice between spending some quality time with the men in my life and going for a drive by myself, I'll take the quality time.  If it's a choice between sneaking out for a quick walk while David bathes Ben, I'll take the walk.  Well, most of the time.  Sometimes it's just too cute to see my man and my little man together and all happy.  They do my heart good.  They help keep my priorities straight.

So who am I?  How would I identify myself?

Mother, daughter, lover, wife, laugher, story-teller, smiler, diaper-changer, smile-getter, woman, writer, reader, laundress, cook, maid, all-day-pj-wearer, Latin-hip-mover-impaired, killer-pasta-salad maker, friend, family member, church goer, seeker of fun, seeker of peace, movie watcher, exerciser etc. etc. etc.

How's your identity these days?


  1. I LOVE your final list... I ESPECIALLY identify with (and it being on your list makes me feel a MILLION times better :) the all-day-pj-wearer. I mean, who has the energy to change into clothes that don't fit the same and that are just going to get spit-up and poop on them anyway? Ditto with Tawnya, I SO get this :)

    1. Totally! It's much easier for me to wash a few t-shirts rather than those "nice" shirts/pants/outfits that you have to put on the present yourself to the public.

    2. I know! And it's no big deal when the t-shirts and yoga capris get drenched :)