Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How Was Your Monday?

Mondays are interesting around here.

Mondays bring a new set of weekly things, a chance to have a better week than the last one.  Mondays bring a predictable schedule back into play after the weekend chaos, good and bad.

This last Monday brought some goods and some bads of its own.

Good:  Ben is doing his part to keep our bills down by reducing our need to use so many wipes, even at the wee age of 2.5 months.
Bad: He's doing it by "saving up" and only "going" once a week.  On Mondays.  Like clockwork. (Never fear, we talked to his doctor and he said "oh, he's one of those" and told us we didn't need to worry.) Unfortunately his wipe savings is sometimes at the cost of a surgically removed onesie. 

Good: We were informed that a good friend had a successful round of IVF!!

Bad:   My cheeks hurt a little bit from smiling so much.  That's not really bad is it.

Good: We are back to a full paycheck with Dupont! 

Good: David will get to spend more quality time with Benjamin. 

Good: We'll be getting some projects done around the house!  Woo-hoo!

Bad: This all came at the expense of a lay-off and a good severance package. Not so woo-hoo.

Good:  We're handling it surprisingly well.

I wonder what today will bring...


  1. That is a really funny picture.

    So sorry about your bad news. That sucks!

    1. Something like that needed to be documented! Without revealing too much of course.

  2. You both are way too calm... ;) Mind if I freak out for you a little?

    1. Go for it! If you freak out then we don't have to right?

  3. Benjamin has a guilty look on his face :)

  4. Wow! Go Ben! I have never had to cut off a onesie before, so he is in a class of his own. :) Fingers crossed for job stuff. Good things to come. :)

  5. oh wow- sorry about your bad news- talk about Grace- you have it girlfriend! I'd be freaking out! And surgically removing onesie is WAAAAAAyYY smarter than trying to A)remove it from child without getting poo in his hair and B)Ew trying to wash it--- don't bother with the staining....

    Love you. Good thing the Lord knows what's up.

  6. Lora, that picture is SO funny!! :) Priceless.... that's one you can show to his prom date in 16 years...

    I'm with Tawnya.... I'm so glad you're doing okay... we'll freak out for you, because that's what friends do.

  7. Jobs are SUCH a necessary evil and I just want to cut them out of our lives completely :) I hope the hunt goes well and painlessly and that you don't have to even look at moving :) (Unless you want to..... :)