Sunday, June 10, 2012


Why does "Great Expectations" always pop into my mind when I think of expectations?

I expect a lot from life.  Mostly from myself.  And quite a bit from David.  We've talked about my expectations before.  Whether they are too much to handle or just enough to push one to grow.  To move forward.  To better oneself.

We didn't come up with an answer.  Or rather I didn't.  David is from a kinder bolt of cloth than I am.

I sometimes find that I push my expectations on others.  Well, maybe not push them, but judge them through my set of standards; through what I expect from myself.  Too often I forget that I don't usually meet my own expectations.  Too often I forget that everybody's life is different.  Every set of trials, blessings, life lessons... are different. 

When I remember, then I can let go of certain expectations.  Mostly.  Sometimes it doesn't work so well.  I do try though.

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